CA died of a heart attack

Death of Mohit Agarwal: The news of the death of the founder of MEPL Classes shocked people. Many question the reason and circumstances of his death.

Mohit Agarwal was the founder of MEPL classes. In addition, MEPL classes are the first class to graduate from St. Xavier’s College. Moreover, he was a chartered accountant; Company Secretary.

Moreover, the courses are India’s largest global provider of diverse education and training programs providing the best CA, CS, CMA and other highly competitive professional courses in India.

Likewise, Agarwal is followed by thousands of people online and his follower is shocked to hear the news as many are also claiming it to be fake.

Agarwal reportedly died of a heart attack, but none of the sources have revealed details about it yet. Also, the news of his death is shared by his followers and loved ones on the Facebook page.

News of Mohit Agarwal’s death going viral on the internet

The news of CA Mohit Agarwal’s death did the rounds on social media. People have been paying tribute to him on various social media platforms, mostly on Twitter.

Mohit Agarwal’s followers tweeted about his death on Twitter. (Source: Twitter)

A Twitter account registered as Chartered Studies broke the news of Mohit’s death, saying the CA passed away yesterday in Pune. Following the news, people who knew him were devastated by the death.

So the news of his sudden death went viral on Twitter and we are going to give more details about Mohit’s death. For now, we have nothing to say about his sudden death because none of the sources have revealed it yet.

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CA Mohit Agarwal died of a heart attack

CA Mohit Agarwal is no longer with us as he was reported dead yesterday. Considering multiple Twitter postsit can be said that he has died, but no official announcement has been made at the time of publishing this post.

One of his followers wrote on Twitter: “Hope it’s some April Fool’s joke but if it’s real Om shanti for his soul, a true mentor to the CA/CS/CMA fraternity has passed away.”

Mohit Agarwal
Mohit Agarwal is no longer with us. (Source: Twitter)

Another wrote: “It is with a heavy heart that I am writing this message to inform you that one of our beloved Faculty members, CA Mohit Agarwal is no more. He was a distinguished professor of law and auditing. He suffered a heart attack in Pune.”

As of now, the Agarwal family is in deep pain and seems to be seeking privacy at this devastating time. So, we hope they give some updates about Mohit’s sudden death soon as his fans and followers are worried about it. We also extend our deepest condolences to the entire family.

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What happened to CA Mohit Agarwal?

Mohit Agarwal was reportedly dead and was only 36 years old at the time of his sudden death. When the news of his death went viral on social media, people started asking questions about it and the cause of his death worried many.

Mohit Agarwal
Mohit Agarwal in the event. (Source: Facebook)

However, the official statement has not been released yet, but going by some social media posts, it can be said that Mohit passed away due to a heart attack.

Facebook user published photo in which Mohit writes, “Life is not unpredictable, damn these heart attacks, Om Shanti Mohit Agarwal, Renowned Faculty: Law and Audit, 36 years.”

Another person posted a photo on Facebook saying that Mohit suffered a heart attack in Pune. They also reported that his body will return to Kolkata in the evening. Keep visiting us to get more updates on this topic.

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Mohit Agarwal’s wife Vandana Agarwal and their children

Late CA Mohit Agarwal was a married man. He tied the knot with his wife Vandana Agarwal. The lovebirds were happily married and were parents to their children.

Although the name of Agarwal’s children is still under the curtain, many sites reveal that he is blessed with one son and one daughter. Moreover, Agarwal’s Facebook page shows a little girl, and many believe that she is his daughter.

If this information is correct, he is survived by his better half and children. In addition, the names of his parents were revealed.

Talking about Agarwal’s parents, he has a mother whose name is Asha Agarwal. Likewise, his father’s name is Pramod Agarwal.

Unfortunately, there aren’t many details about Mohit’s parents; however, the late CA dad and mom must be in immense pain.

Mohit Agarwal funeral and eulogy

Mohit Agarwal was only in his late thirties. The world is cruel to take such a soul. The late CA impacted the lives of many and is missed by all.

The love for the deceased CA can be seen on the Internet as clips from the funeral are full of the Internet. His funeral was held in the circle of his loved ones. Many even came out in front of the crowd to share eulogies.

Although the actual thoughts of Agarwal’s loved ones are nowhere mentioned, it is because they are filled with sweetness.

To conclude, the late CA was taken from us too soon. He suffered a heart attack, which took his life. Also, there is no video of the funeral online that contains his family eulogy.

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