Update on TikTok star Cacagirl’s car accident: She is in the hospital

The news about Cacagirl’s car accident sent the internet crazy. The young social media star is reportedly in the hospital and fighting for his life.

A traffic accident in Glendale, Arizona has attracted a lot of public attention after one of the victims was identified as famous TikTok star Cacagirl.

According to reports, an Infiniti (car) lost control on Grand Avenue and overturned on Thursday, May 25. Among the victims of the fatal accident are The CacaGirl, Julius Gonzalez and Julian Gonzalez (Julius’ brother).

Julius Gonzalez died on the spot. On the other hand, the beautiful social media star and Julian Gonzalez are reportedly in the hospital fighting for their lives.

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TikTok Star Cacagirl News about the car accident: The injured person was rushed to the hospital

TikTok star Caca is reportedly in the hospital after a car accident in Glendale, Arizona on May 25, 2023. While one person was killed, others were seriously injured in the crash on Thursday night.

The TiKTok star, who is also known as The Real Cacagirl, is in hospital after being seriously injured in a car accident on Thursday. (Image source: Instagram)

While Julius Gonzalez, a 15-year-old boy, lost his life, the injured Julian Gonzalez (Julius’ brother), Cacagirl and a fourth person are in the hospital fighting for their lives.

The injured were taken to the hospital immediately after the accident.

The Infiniti crashed into another vehicle making a left turn on 53rd Avenue in Glendale, causing the latter to drift and eventually hit a curb.

Allegedly, due to the encounter, the car overturned with devastating consequences. Authorities are carefully investigating what led to the Caca Girl car accident to determine what caused the disaster.

According to the report, the two teenagers who suffered serious injuries were not wearing seat belts during the crash.

Authorities are also examining several additional aspects, such as vehicle speed, road conditions and any possible distractions, to understand the conditions that led to the crash.

Who is Cacagirl?

Cacagirl, also known as The Real Cacagirl, is a social media star and digital creator known for her @realcacagirl TikTok account.

She is recognized for her beauty tips and dance trends. The young TikToker also performs comedy skits, POV skits and collaborates with friends.

The beautiful girl has gathered many fans thanks to her interesting content.

Cacagirl joined TikTok in July 2022. The young content creator is also active on Instagram under the username @cacag1rll and has 108 thousand followers.

Cacagirl is also reportedly a big fan of Hello Kitty and Sanrio. Moreover, Cacagirl’s most popular TikTok video is a dance video with her boyfriend, Jay, which has garnered over 7 million views.

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Recent status of Cacagirl

None of the TikTok star’s family has come forward to update on her condition. On the other hand, the family of Julius Gonzalez started a GoFundMe page to cover his funeral expenses.

The sister of the deceased victim, Julie Gonzalez, started the page and asked for help. Julie said one of her brothers, Julius, died at the scene and her other brother, Julian, is in hospital with life-threatening injuries.

Cacagirl car accident
Julius Gonzalez (pictured above) died on May 25 in a car accident in Glendale, Arizona. (Image source: GoFundMe)

The grieving sister described her late brother as the funniest person, who lit up a room with his smile. “He/Julius was always in a good mood and a team player!!! He had a big heart!” Julie added.

As she pleaded for help, the victim’s sister said their family had come to terms with the devastating loss.

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