Is KodiyakRedd in jail? Island Boy Arrested and Charged in 2023

Is KodiyakRedd in jail? Everyone is wondering about the current status of one of the Island Boys as KodiyakRedd has been arrested for domestic violence.

KodiyakRedd is an American rapper known for being a member of Island Boys, a hip-hop duo active on the video-sharing platform TikTok. Another member of Island Boys is his twin brother, whose name is Flyysoulja.

Meanwhile, the twins came into the limelight when they released their song called Island Boys in 2021. The song first went viral on TikTok and later went viral all over the internet.

The twins decided to pursue a career as rappers while they were in prison as teenagers. Furthermore, they have millions of followers on social media and the news of the arrest of one of the twins named KodiyakRedd has taken the social media platforms by storm.

Is KodiyakRedd in jail?

According to some social media posts, KodiyakRedd has been arrested and is now in jail. He allegedly went to prison for domestic violence. A lot of videos were made on YouTube and news channels talked about the arrest.

A YouTube channel called Famous Criminals also broke the news and said KodiyakRedd hit his own brother. When the news was announced, social media users were furious and started making numerous comments.

KodiyakRedd’s twin brother made a post about his arrest on Instagram. (Source: Instagram)

At the time of publication of this post, none of the verified media has reported the news of KodiyakRedd’s detention. Meanwhile, his twin brother Flyysoulja shared an Instagram talk talking“Free my brother, #kodiyakredd.”

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Where is KodiyakRedd? Island Boy Arrested and Charged in 2024

As said earlier, the news of KodiyakRedd’s arrest left everyone confused, as none of the branded media shared the news. However, social media posts have been doing the rounds for the past few days.

A Twitter user registered as @ItzDaveyMatee shared a video saying KodiyakRedd was arrested for domestic violence. He also shared a video of searching for the real name of KodiyakRedd and showed the details of his detention.

KodiyakRedd's arrest
A video detailing KodiyakRed’s arrest is going viral on TikTok and Twitter. (Source: Twitter)

The video shows his arrest number, and it’s revealed that Island Boy was arrested on May 6, 2023. The video was first shared on TikTok, and his charges are related to domestic violence.

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KodiyakRedd Mugshot after being arrested on domestic violence charges

Currently, KodiyakRedd has become a hot topic on the internet due to his arrest. Everyone was clamoring for his photo as the video went viral on TikTok and other social media platforms.

As we mentioned earlier, KodiyakRedd was taken into custody on domestic violence charges. So far, both Island Boys have not opened their mouths.

However, Flyysoulja is aware of this topic and also shared the story on his Instagram profile where we can find the Island Boy member as @flyysoulja.

KodiyakRedd Mugshot
The news of KodiyakRedd’s detention was followed by many YouTube channels. (Source: YouTube)

Also, a live video from Flyysoulja’s TikTok the account was shared on YouTube. In the video we can see how Flyysoulja explains the whole situation. He also said that KodiyakRedd hurts himself and the people around him.

We can explore YouTube to get more updates on KodiyakRedd’s arrest.

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