Why Blue Tree Phuket is the best place for family fun

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Looking for a place where the whole family can have fun and beat the heat in style? Blue Tree Phuket is your answer! Located near Bangtao Beach, this comprehensive leisure and lifestyle center has something for every member of the family. From its famous Crystal Blue Lagoon and spine-tingling waterslides to playgrounds and fine dining, here’s why Blue Tree Phuket is the ultimate playground for families looking for memorable moments under the tropical sun.

Parties for children and adults

Blue Tree Phuket offers plenty of things to do with the whole family. You might even have to plan a few days here just to experience them all. Here are some of the attractions and activities that are sure to delight the young and the young at heart.

1. Blue Tree Lagoon

PHOTO: Blue Tree Lagoon

The main attraction of Blue Tree Phuket is, of course, the Lagoon. A haven for kids and adults alike, it boasts a range of slides and activities to choose from, with a separate quiet area for those who prefer to relax.

The Super Fly water slides are an absolute crowd pleaser. With 4 slides of different sizes, it sends you high into the air before a dramatic fall. It is therefore perfect for teenagers and adults looking for something adventurous. If you’re into adrenaline, dare to jump off the cliff from one of the two points at 5 and 10 meters into the blue lagoon. You can also enjoy rock climbing, and if you fall, you will fall into the refreshing water of the lagoon below.

There are also gentler slides that children adore. The Family Fun Zone, for example, is specially designed for children up to 6 years old with its slides, fountains and obstacles. For older kids, zip-lining can be an exciting activity to try. It allows you to “fly” over the lagoon. Furthermore, Lagoon offers a number of supervised activities. For example, you and your kids can learn to stand-up paddleboard, try an underwater scooter, and even practice Muay Talay and aqua aerobics.

And don’t worry about security. They have trained lifeguards trained by StarGuard Elite (SGE) and innovative water treatment technology.

2. Adventure Village

Blue Tree Phuket offers plenty of things to do in Phuket with the family
PHOTO: Adventure Village

Do you want to bring fun into your home? The whole family will love Adventure Village! This indoor play center offers maximum family fun. Bounce with joy in the spacious trampoline area, where both parents and children can experience the thrill of gravity-defying jumps in a safe and controlled environment. You can also dive fearlessly into the soft sea of ​​foam in the Foam Pit, slide down the winding turns of the Donut Slide, climb to new heights on the climbing net and soar through the air on the Zipline. There is also the Roller Skating Arena, a classic activity where families can spin, skate and hang out.

The Adventure Village at Blue Tree Phuket is also a world of adventure for little explorers. Younger adventurers can embark on imaginative journeys at the Pirate Ship Playground thanks to interactive elements that encourage creativity and playfulness. Meanwhile, the Lego Zone allows kids to construct towering skyscrapers or anything their heart desires. And for a pleasant break from more energetic activities, step onto the merry-go-round for a spinning ride.

3. Children’s planet

Blue Tree Phuket offers plenty of things to do in Phuket with the family
PHOTO: Kids Planet

Mom and Dad need a little vacation alone? You can entrust your little ones to Blue Tree Phuket’s very own supervised kids’ club, Kids Planet. Designed for children aged 1.5 to 6 years, Kids Planet offers a safe and stimulating environment. Professional and friendly staff supervise the Little Lady Bug Room, a play area for children from 18 months to 3 years. It encourages free play, climbing stories and more, all aimed at supporting their development.

For children aged 3 to 6, the Big Bear Room at Blue Tree Phuket enhances learning with two-story play areas, promoting the development of social and motor skills. The expert staff will encourage your children to explore their imaginations through arts and crafts, role playing and reading. What’s more, the room also comes with a specially designed climbing net where your kids can explore, crawl, climb, jump or just sit and read.

Inside Blue Tree Phuket’s Kids Planet adventure playground, the Sand Garden offers an open space with sand play zones, waterways and shaded areas. The Happy Squirrel Garden, on the other hand, serves as an outdoor playground for older children. It features a mud kitchen, climbing areas, water play areas and sensory trails. This outdoor space provides physical and mental activity, allowing children to stay active and involved in nature.

Possibilities of family dining

Why Blue Tree Phuket is the best place for family fun |  News from Thaiger
PHOTO: L’Arôme at Blue Tree Phuket

When we say Blue Tree Phuket has it all, we really mean it. Their dining options are as diverse as they come, with indoor and outdoor spaces serving a wide array of delicious dishes. Whether you like a quick bite from their expertly appointed food trucks or prefer fine dining in their excellent restaurants, you won’t be short of choice.

Inside the Lagoon is the Bay Grill, a spacious open-air restaurant that offers everything from pizzas and burgers to salads and grills with all kinds of grilled delicacies. But for those looking for the ultimate dining experience, the recently opened L’Arôme at Blue Tree is the place to be. Also located within the Lagoon at Blue Tree Phuket, this chic restaurant offers contemporary French cuisine crafted with classic French culinary finesse and modern twists. Plus, you can enjoy your meal while admiring the sparkling blue lagoon.

And if you’re in the mood for handmade ravioli, juicy rare beef, freshly baked Italian bread or other Italian food paired with fine wines, Made in Italy will hit the spot perfectly. What’s more, don’t forget to stop by Sunset Café for your Starbucks fix; it’s the perfect place to refuel before heading back into action! And yes, Blue Tree Phuket also has artful food trucks serving up delicious Southern-inspired bites.

A center for shopping and entertainment

Why Blue Tree Phuket is the best place for family fun |  News from Thaiger
PHOTO: Lifestyle Village

As if Blue Tree Phuket couldn’t get any better, they proudly present the colorful Lifestyle Village. It is a unique shopping haven located in the middle of a beautiful lagoon and a lush forest park. It is home to a number of shops offering everything under the sun. Whether you’re looking for trendy clothes for your little ones, eager to master racing car or go-kart driving, or longing for a soothing Thai massage – it’s all here! In addition, the Lifestyle Village is also a foodie’s paradise with even more restaurants to choose from. It’s absolutely exciting, isn’t it?

Blue Tree Phuket is undoubtedly the best place for family fun in Thailand! Its water slides, enchanting Blue Lagoon, meticulously landscaped areas for children, family-friendly restaurants and shopping options together guarantee a fantastic time for the whole family. Go to the clerk Blue Tree Phuket website and secure your tickets now.


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