Guillem and Sara from Love Never Dies

Guillem and Sara are among the best couples in the reality show Love never dies. Fans can’t wait to find out everything there is to know about the duo.

Love never dies: Sardinia is a TV reality show that puts the relationships of supposedly strong couples to the test. It premiered on Netflix on November 10, 2022.

Couples must split up and spend time with some desirable bachelors. They should also go through a lie detector test called “eye detection” while answering some awkward questions.

Besides Guillem and Sara, Vicky and Inma, Asier and Irene, Lucia and Antonio, Miguel and Alejandro and Maria and Javier are over five couples this season. They want to prove their commitment to each other and win up to 100,000 euros in prize money.

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Meet Guillem and Sarah from Love Never Dies – Are they married?

No, Guillem “Guille” Morell and Sara are not married. However, they are still together as a couple as of February 2024.

After exiting the competition after many tense moments, an “eye detect” test showed that Guillem had not been physically intimate with anyone. Likewise, Sara explained that she took action because she believed that Guillem had cheated her.

The two discussed their problems and cleared things up, eventually deciding to stay together as a couple.

Guillem and Sara are participants in Love Never Dies. (Source: Instagram)

As of writing, it appears the couple are still in a relationship. Despite everything that happened, the duo seems to have come out strong and positive.

Furthermore, Sara remains one of Guillem’s main muses in his Photography.

Timeline of Guillem and Sarah’s relationship included Love never dies

Enter Guillem and Sara Love never lies: Destination Sardinia at the age of 23 and 25, respectively. The young couple is from Barcelona, ​​Spain.

The two fell in love at first sight and are still going strong. However, they are not free from problems.

There are a few things that the two of them struggle with. Firstly, Guillem believes that their relationship lacks communication, while Sara believes that she needs to learn to be more compassionate.

At least the duo knows where they are lacking and is willing to work on it. They came to the show hoping to find answers and solutions for their relationship.

Sara-Guillem relationship timeline
Duo Sara-Guillem in Love never dies. (Source: Cinemaholic)

Their primary motive for coming to the show was to improve their love and come out stronger. However, during the first “eyes, detect” test, they had to solve some serious problems.

Much to their surprise, it was discovered that Guillem did not prioritize their relationship; Sara often gave the impression of being single and flirting with other men on the Internet.

To make matters worse, Guillem seems to have been intimate with another lady named Sara. Also, Guillem’s girlfriend, Sara, became close to fellow contestants Aitor and Asier, even kissing the former.

The next day, host Mónica Naranjo showed clips to Guillem and Irene (Asier’s girlfriend), which seemed to be the last straw for Guillem. Furthermore, Sarah’s responses to some eye-opening questions revealed that she was enjoying her time away from her boyfriend.

Heartbroken by the turn of events, Guillem entered the villa and was ready to develop a relationship with someone else. He tried to get closer to Daura and later to Paloma.

The host told Guillem and Sara that they could talk to each other, but that it would disqualify them from the competition. Guillem agreed to leave without caring about the money and clear things up with Sara.

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