Is Melissa Navia a lesbian? Gender and sexuality

Find out more about Star Trek actress Melissa Navi’s sexuality rumors and her personal life in this article. Is Melissa Navia a lesbian?

Melissa C. Navia is an actress from the United States known for her role as Erica Ortegas in Star Trek: Brave New Worlds.

The attractive and talented American actress became famous in Hollywood with the role of Dawn in the science fiction film The Paragon Cortex.

Star Trek beauty Navia won Best Actress at the Wild Rose Independent Film Festival for her work in the film.

In Star Trek, Navia had a breakthrough part that was praised by critics. As a result, she made a daring acting debut. Since then, she has received roles in numerous films and television projects.

She also received praise for her role as Tidal in the 2022 TV series Bull.

Star Trek: Is Melissa Navia a lesbian? Gender and sexuality

Melissa Navia, a stunning actress, has become known for both her skills and her seductive looks. Although she is famous, American star Navia has not publicly declared her sexual orientation.

Fans have speculated about the character’s sexuality due to her androgynous appearance and undeniable chemistry with several members of the Star Trek: Strange New Worlds cast.

Melissa Navia has been cast as Erica Ortegas in Star Trek: Strange New Worlds. (Image source: CinemaBlend)

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Melissa Navia expressed her opinion that her Star Trek character “doesn’t need to be labeled” and that the show “approaches it in a way that no one bats an eye.”

She continued by stating that she believed that “everyone a a little queer”, including himself and his character in that statement.

She added that the second season of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds will likely see Erica Ortegas in a romantic relationship without further details.

As a result, Navi’s sexuality is in demand as the American television personality has evolved into a sort of queer symbol. However, there is no evidence to support any other claim about her.

Additionally, looking at Navi’s history of only dating and having affairs with men, it is clear that she is straight. She is not a lesbian and has not expressed her sexuality in the media.

The Star Trek actress reportedly used homophobic slurs, referring to her on-screen character saying: “She doesn’t hang out with gay people.” She may inevitably have religious beliefs that are antithetical to philosophy and more at odds with it.

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Melissa Navia Relationship Timeline: Partner Brian Bannon

Melissa Navia had an affair with her ex-husband Brian Bannon. Many liked how Melissa and Bannon got along.

Sadly, guitarist Bannon passed away in 2021. Bannon died three days after being diagnosed with leukemia.

Navia was in sadness since Brian Bannon passed away. There have been no relationship rumors about the actress since the death of her late boyfriend.

Husband of Melissa Navia
Melissa Navia, next to her late husband Brian Bannon. (Source: CinemaBlend)

However, the ravishing actress has been linked to several celebrities in the past. Although the public is interested in her love life, she kept quiet about her current and past relationships.

Plus, with Navia being single, many of her fans might see her love life as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

According to the actress’ social media and other reports, there is no sign of Navia’s new boyfriend.

Be that as it may, the ravishing actress is currently single, and sources say that she is not romantically involved with anyone.

Some commentators claim that the actress and her on-screen love are now dating. But at this point it all looks like a scam.

Fans were hoping to see the former couple on a date due to their on-screen chemistry, but unfortunately there is absolutely no chance of that happening.

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