Palm Beach HS Principal Arrest

After the shocking turn of events, many people are searching for the video of Palm Beach High School Principal Darren Edgecomb’s prank and the details of the arrest and charges.

The education community was shocked by what high school principal Darren Edgecomb did.

As the details of his actions come to light, it becomes apparent that this once revered figure has become entangled in a web of controversy that threatens to tarnish his legacy forever.

Since the Palm Beach High School teacher has been involved in several controversies and scandals, many people are wondering if he has been arrested or charged.

What exactly happened? What did the principal of Palm Beach High School do? Find out all the details related to the scandal and controversy of Darren Edgecomb.

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Darren Edgecomb Mugshot: Palm Beach CEO Arrested and Charged?

There is no evidence that Darren Edgecomb, the principal of Palm Beach Central High School, was ever arrested or charged. So there is no picture of the principal.

Darren Edgecomb was never arrested for the class switching scandal. (Image Source: Wellington The Magazine Blog)

However, in 2022, the director was disciplined by the State Department of Education for changing the grades of several students without the knowledge of their teachers.

They allegedly inflated the grades of at least 11 students in 2019. Their actions were discovered after an investigation by the school district’s inspector general.

According to the report, the state allows grade changes after notebooks, but only in limited situations.

With the consent of the regional head, the principal can change the student’s grade without the teacher’s consultation, or the teacher can ask for a change of grade and provide an explanation.

However, investigations revealed that Edgecomb’s administration did not involve teachers or district leaders.

Years after the scandal, the principal and assistant principal agreed to probation with the state Department of Education in October 2022.

Greenberg allegedly stated in his report that he “changed the students’ grades because there were additional factors where the teachers were targeting the students.”

He added: “Teachers unfairly assessed student performance or did not accept student work.”

Edgecomb and Greenberg reached a settlement with the Florida Department of Education in 2022, which included consequences that particularly hurt Greenberg.

Neither Edgecomb nor Greenberg would admit or deny the allegations as part of the agreement. Moreover, Greenber’s license as an educator was suspended for a year because he then initiated the change of class.

Darren Edgecomb punished the assistant principal because she got pregnant

As mentioned above, Darren Edgecomb has been involved in several controversies.

According to a May 2016 report Palm Beach Postlocal newspaper in Florida, the US Department of Justice has charged Darrent Edgecomb with discrimination.

Mug image by Darren Edgecomb
Darren Edgecomb allegedly punished an assistant principal because she got pregnant. (Image source: Palm Beach School)

He allegedly engaged in discriminatory practices while working at Turning Point Academy as principal.

Darren allegedly punished assistant principal Anne Williams Dorsey, who was on maternity leave in 2011, by cutting her pay and demoting her.

Anne later filed a federal lawsuit against him. She claimed that she was replaced by a male administrator whom she had trained and who had less experience.

Dorsey said Edgecomb informed her of the demotion while she was about to give birth to the twins at the hospital.

According to the Justice Department, Edgecomb’s actions violated federal civil rights laws because they constituted gender discrimination.

In their complaint, federal representatives asked that the judge order the district’s public education system to “implement appropriate and effective measures to prevent such actions.”

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