Pete Buttigieg is missing from the news: scandal and controversy

The news of Pete Buttigieg’s disappearance has gone viral on internet sources, and if you want to know more about this matter, read this entire article.

Pete Buttigieg is an American politician who gained national prominence during the 2020 Democratic Party presidential primary. He serves as the 19th Secretary of Transportation of the United States.

Furthermore, he is a graduate of Harvard University and a Rhodes Scholar who served as an intelligence officer in the United States Navy Reserve.

In addition, his political career began when he was elected mayor of South Bend, Indiana in 2011. Likewise, Pete served as mayor from 2012 to 2020 and was known for his efforts to revitalize the city.

Currently, Pete is making the rounds on the internet after the news of his disappearance came into the limelight.

Why is Pete Buttigieg missing out on trending news?

Pete Buttigieg is currently making the rounds online after people started searching for news of his disappearance. Many people on social media have also sought news of his disappearance.

However, there is no truth in this, because the verified media did not give anything related to this topic. So, considering this fact, it can be said that it is just a rumor that came into limelight without any truth.

The news about missing Pete Buttigieg has gone viral on internet sources, but there is no truth to it. (Source: Forbes )

Not to mention, some people have fallen victim to the same incident in the past after online users started searching for Pete’s missing news.

So far, Pete himself has not said anything related to this matter. Since online users want to know more about this topic, this fact could be shared in the future.

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An explanation of the scandal and controversy with Pete Buttigieg

The scandal with Pete Buttigieg dragged him into the center of controversy. For your information, the American politician has not been involved in any major scandal so far.

Likewise, none of the verified media reported the news related to Pete’s controversy. Not to mention, he came out as gay in a June 2015 article in the South Bend Tribune.

The Pete Buttigieg scandal
The scandal with Pete Buttigieg dragged him into the center of controversy. (Source: KVIA )

After it came out, the news made the rounds on the Internet. After that, Buttigieg became the first openly gay elected chief executive in Indiana.

Pete was the first elected official in Indiana to come out while in office and also the highest elected official in Indiana to come out.

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Where is Pete Buttigieg now?

Pete Buttigieg is focused on his career as he serves as the 19th Secretary of Transportation of the United States. Everyone is eager to know about his current life as news of Pete’s disappearance has gone viral.

Recently, news it has been reported that the Republican-controlled House of Representatives has decided to cut Transportation Secretary Buttigieg’s salary to just $1 a year.

Pete Buttigieg Now
Pete Buttigieg serves as the 19th United States Secretary of Transportation. (Source: CNN )

Furthermore, Buttigieg has had a difficult time at the Department of Transportation, dealing with challenges such as multiple flight cancellations and the derailment of a toxic waste train in East Palestine, Ohio, back in February.

Additionally, Pete can be followed on multiple social media handles from where one can explore more updates related to his ongoing life and events. He might also give some updates on the news he’s missing.

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