Taylor Swift announces new song ‘The Albatross’ on ‘Tortured Poets’

SYDNEY, Australia — Taylor Swift made another announcement about her 11th album during her first night performing the Eras Tour in Sydney. The electric crowd of 81,000 Swifties lit up when she sat at the piano during the surprise set and asked if the mic was on. That usually means she’s going to make an announcement.

Swift announced “The Albatross” as a new bonus track of the 17-song album of her 11th era, “The Tortured Poets Department”.

The back screen displayed a third cover art for “Poets” along with the words “The Albatross,” which will serve as track No. 18 and be released on a special vinyl. The back of the art image says, “Am I allowed to cry?”

First appeared on www.usatoday.com

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