Arda Golar is expected to leave Real Madrid

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Ancelotti and Goaler (Instagram)
Ancelotti and Goaler (Instagram)

Arda Golar’s adaptation to Real Madrid was not easy at all. It is true that the young Turk was also unlucky when it came to injuries and he had to wait 184 days until the debut, but even since then it can be said that his first season in the capital of Spain is characterized by injuries and the fact that he simply did not find his place in the rotation.

Although in his first game he showed quality, Carlo Ancelotti emphasized that the player has returned to physicality and that he should be patient. Over 50 days have passed and the Turk continues to worry Real Madrid: “With 2.7% of the possible minutes this season, Golar’s presence in the squad has completely evaporated. His attitude when he got angry after being asked to warm up and ended up not playing was also not what the club expected. The nerves are understandable, but up to a certain limit,” Marka wrote.

Since his debut in the Cup, Goller has only recorded 33 minutes, 8 against Atlético Madrid in the Super Cup, nine against Las Palmas, 13 against Girona and three against Rayo Vallecano. Considering the situation, the possibility arises again that he will go on loan, a move he refused at the beginning of the season when he signed. Milan, for their part, would be happy to repeat the case of Brahim Dias, who flourished with them on loan, and would also welcome the Turk.

Brahim Dias (La Liga)Brahim Dias (La Liga)

Guler’s fear is that he will be left out of his team’s squad for the Euros, when Turkey was drawn against Portugal, the Czech Republic and another team that will qualify later. His lack of minutes at Real Madrid could be to his detriment when the summer tournament begins, another matter that Arda Goller is worried about.

Real itself has been looking great lately, but Golar’s situation is creating quite a bit of tension in the club: “Golar is frustrated, he doesn’t understand why he isn’t playing and doesn’t hesitate to show it. Against Almeria, for example, he threw his warm-up shirt on the floor when he realized he wouldn’t come on, and also against Sevilla, he moved uneasily when he saw he wouldn’t share after he had already been sent to warm up,” it was written in Spain.

Arda Guler and Carlo Ancelotti (Instagram)Arda Guler and Carlo Ancelotti (Instagram)

His attitude bothers the club’s officials, especially when it comes to a young player who has yet to prove anything. In Spain it is said that the Turk’s associates are putting pressure on the professional team of Real Madrid, who probably do not see it as good. “Golar is tired of his situation at Real Madrid,” AS promised.

The media feel that if the situation continues, Golar’s angry gestures will only continue and stand out on the bench. This season it no longer seems that the midfielder will be able to change Ancelotti’s mind: “In the summer he will leave for sure because if he doesn’t play for two years he understands that it is significant for his future. In January, he didn’t want to listen to the offers because he believed he would play, the expectations were simply too high,” they concluded.

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