Lebanese artist Amal Hijazi takes off her hijab…after 7 years of wearing it

Khabarni – After about seven years of wearing the hijab and retiring from the arts, the Lebanese artist Amal Hijazi surprised the audience and followers by appearing in a short video clip without a hijab while singing her famous song “Zaman” in a store.

Hijazi’s appearance by removing the hijab raised questions and comments that poured in on social media about the possibility of her returning to art again, and will she compete in singing again? Or that filming her and publishing the video clip was negligent on her part and occurred without her knowledge?

As Amal Hegazy’s name has become a trend in the past few hours, she has not yet issued any clarification regarding her taking this unexpected step, especially at the beginning of the month of Ramadan, which she has dedicated in recent years to presenting special religious songs.

Amal Hegazy, during her retirement from art and wearing the hijab, hinted at resorting to the judiciary in the face of her critics regarding her religious commitment. She deliberately deleted her photos in which her hair appeared on her official accounts on social networking sites, and kept her photos in the hijab.

Here is the video:

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