Source: Israel agreed to the exchange deal… and the ball is in Hamas’ court

An American official said that Israel had agreed to the terms of the proposed exchange deal, while “the ball is in Hamas’ court” to approve it, so that the truce would begin immediately.

The Israeli Walla website quoted the official as saying: “The Israelis agreed to Transaction terms..If Hamas agrees to the conditions And release Kidnapped, it will begin cease-fire For six weeks immediately.

He added: “This agreement is on the table. Talks are continuing with Hamas in Qatar and we hope that we will be able to reach an agreement by a month.” Ramadan..The ball is in Hamas’ court. We continue to push it as hard as we can.”

Earlier, a senior official involved in the negotiations to free the hostages told Israeli Channel 12 that Tel Aviv will send a delegation to Cairo on the condition of obtaining clear answers about the number of kidnapped people who are alive, and obtaining an answer about the number of prisoners who will be released at each stage.

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