Sunak expressed his concern about George Galloway winning a seat in the British Parliament because he “glorifies Hezbollah.”

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak commented on the victory of pro-Palestine politician George Galloway in the by-elections for the British Parliament for the city of Rochdale, saying that his victory was “worrying,” as he noted that Galloway “glorifies Hezbollah.”

In turn, Galloway stated that he does not understand Sunak’s hints that he is glorifying Hezbollah, but he hopes that they can discuss the matter next week if the British Prime Minister “has the courage,” in statements to Sky News.

He stressed that he “respects the right of those in the occupied territories to resist their occupiers.”

Veteran politician George Galloway won about 40% of the votes in the by-elections for the British Parliament for the city of Rochdale, which was dominated by the devastating Israeli war on the Gaza Strip.

Galloway targeted British Labor Party leader Keir Starmer in his victory speech and said: “Keir Starmer, this is for Gaza.” He added, “You will pay a heavy price for the role you played in enabling, encouraging and covering up the catastrophe currently occurring in occupied Gaza in the Gaza Strip.”

Galloway, a former Labor MP, has ousted his former party in three elections and will return to Parliament for the fourth time in 37 years.

Galloway said, “The Labor Party realizes that it has lost the trust of millions of its voters who have voted loyally for it, generation after generation.”

Despite a campaign dominated by events in the Middle East, Galloway said he hoped to form a “grand coalition” with Rochdale councilors to work on local issues.

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