The cargo ship “Robimar” sank days after the Houthis targeted it

The Yemeni government announced, on Saturday, the sinking of the cargo ship “Rubimar”, which was abandoned in the southern Red Sea, after the Houthis targeted it on February 18.

The government explained that the sinking of the ship “will cause an environmental catastrophe in Yemeni territorial waters and in… The Red Sea“.

The ship was carrying more than 41,000 tons of fertilizers, in addition to quantities of oils and fuel.

A few days ago, US Central Command said that an attack was launched by the Houthis on the ship.Rubymar“It caused serious damage to it, and led to the leakage of an oil slick 29 kilometers long.

“Robimar” is the first ship sunk by the Houthis, amid their months-long attacks on navigation in the vital waterway.

Since November 19, it has been in effect The Houthis Iran-backed attacks on commercial ships in the Red Sea and Arabian Sea, which they say are linked to Israel or headed to its ports.

The Houthis assert that their attacks come “in support of the Gaza Strip,” which has been witnessing violent Israeli attacks since October 7.

In contrast, Washington is leading an international maritime coalition with the aim of “protecting” maritime navigation in the strategic region through which 12 percent of global trade passes.

Since January 12, American and British forces have launched strikes on Houthi sites inside Yemen.

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