The Public Prosecution orders an autopsy on the body of the Al-Arish student to determine the causes of death

The Public Prosecution ordered an autopsy on the body of Al-Arish student Naira Al-Zoghbi to determine the causes of death.

Immediately after the Public Prosecution was informed of the death of Naira Al-Zoghbi, a student at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at Al-Arish University, it initiated a judicial investigation of the incident by questioning the victim’s parents, her classmates in the university residence, and the university’s housing director.

The officer listened to the course of the investigation and examined the body. The health inspector’s report was attached. All investigations concluded that there was no criminal suspicion, and then the prosecution authorized the burial of the victim’s body.

However, in light of what was circulated in the media and on social networking sites, the Mansoura and Ismailia Courts of Appeal reopened investigations into the incident, where the parents of the victim and her sister were re-questioned, and they decided that, in light of what was circulated regarding the death of their daughter, they doubted the existence of criminal suspicion in the incident, and then the prosecution issued a The public issued a decision to exhume the victim’s body and perform an autopsy to determine the cause of death. This morning, the body was exhumed and autopsied. Everyone who was indicated by social media and police investigations as having a connection to the incident was summoned, whether there was an accusation against him or he had information about the incident. They are being questioned, as well as cell phones being examined. And the contents of each accused were downloaded, as well as the cameras belonging to the university city in Al-Arish were downloaded. Investigations are being completed with the receipt of the forensic report to determine the truth of the incident and the cause of death.

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