Afik Teri, Oskar Gloch’s best friend, was killed in Gaza

tragedy. Sergeant Afik Teri, 19 years old, from Rehovot, a fighter in Battalion 450 (platoon commander training) of the Bislah Brigade, served as a fighter in Battalion ‘Nachshon’ (90), Kafir Brigade, was killed yesterday in battle in the southern Gaza Strip. Terry was the best friend of Oskar Gloch, a player of the Israel national team and Red Bull Salzburg.

Gluch himself uploaded a photo to social networks together with the late Apik Teri and wrote: “My dear brother, I can’t believe you are no longer here.” The two are considered very close friends, as they even spent the summer vacation together in Mykonos.

Following the dire situation, the player immediately landed in Israel in order to get to his friend’s funeral, after receiving quick and exceptional permission from his team to leave Austria.

The late Afik Teri played football himself and was part of the youth department of the Ness Ziona section.

Of blessed memory.

ظهرت في الأصل على

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