Ahmed Musa reveals new details about the death of Naira Salah, a student

09:50 PM

Saturday, March 2, 2024

Written by Dalia Al-Dhanini:
Journalist Ahmed Moussa saluted the Public Prosecution and Counselor Muhammad Shawqi, the Public Prosecutor, for their great efforts following the incident of Naira Salah, a student at Al-Arish University.

Moussa said, during the presentation of the program “On My Responsibility” on the “Sada El Balad” channel, that the Public Prosecution responded to public opinion about the possibility of a criminal suspicion in the incident of Naira Salah, a student at Al-Arish University, and that the Public Prosecution re-investigated the case again.

He continued: Naira Salah had pictures taken of her from her phone surreptitiously without her permission by a colleague, and they were sent to a student in the college, and she was blackmailed.

He explained: “I don’t want to say a word before the end of the investigation. They were threatening Naira to blackmail her by publishing her pictures. It is very dangerous to leave your mobile phone to anyone.”

He said: “Al-Arish University had to act early in this incident. We are now facing a crime and we are waiting for the forensic report that will reveal all the details of Naira Salah’s incident. There are 7 or 8 defendants in the incident of the death of student Naira Salah.”

He continued: “This country has a law, and everyone who did wrong against Naira Salah will be investigated and will take his punishment. The issue will not stagnate. Whatever number is concerned will be held accountable. No one will be supported and no one will be exempted from punishment.”

This Saturday evening, Ahmed Musa reviewed the Public Prosecution’s statement regarding the incident of student Naira Salah, which came as follows:

The prosecution said that as soon as it was informed of the death of Naira Salah Al-Zoghbi, a student at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at Al-Arish University, it initiated a judicial investigation into the incident by asking the victim’s parents, her classmates in the university residence, and the university’s housing director.

The prosecution stated that, in light of what was circulated in the media and on social networking sites, the Mansoura and Ismailia Courts of Appeal reopened investigations into the incident.

The victim’s parents and her sister said in the re-investigation that, regarding what was circulated regarding the death of their daughter, they doubted the existence of criminal suspicion in the incident, and then the Public Prosecution issued a decision to exhume the victim’s body and perform an autopsy to determine the cause of death, and this morning the body was exhumed and autopsied.

The prosecution summoned everyone who was indicated by social media and police investigations as having a connection to the incident, whether someone was accused of it or had information about the incident, and they are being questioned. It also examined the cell phones of each accused and emptied their contents, as well as emptied the cameras of the university city in Arish.

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