Heavy rain and low temperatures for several days in the Emirates.. Find out about the weather conditions and meteorological warnings

The National Center explained that the UAE will be affected by the severe air depression that accompanies the upper layers of the atmosphere, with the presence of air current from the west and the flow of clouds also from the west. It is expected that the country will be affected until the end of this month by difficult air depressions, which are coming from the Mediterranean Sea and cause the presence of A state of atmospheric instability with active southern winds that raise dust and dust, and rainy clouds also increase, so you must be careful about the weather these days.

Heavy rain hits the Emirates

Rain in the Emirates

The National Central Bank explained that heavy rains are expected in many areas within the United Arab Emirates, until the end of this month of February, with winds that will be active.

Low weather conditions cause significant wind activity, which raises dust and sand, and rain clouds increase at times. Therefore, you should not loosen your clothes either.

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Violent winds

The National Center of Meteorology said that clouds will form next Sunday and Monday with a high chance of light to moderate rain, and sometimes heavy rain in some areas within the Emirates.

Many areas will be affected, especially the northern, eastern and coastal areas. Temperatures will drop until next Monday. The winds will be southeasterly, then northwesterly, and will be light at first, with rising sea waves.

Cold air mass

Rain in the Emirates

The National Center said that February is one of the seasons that is under the influence of cold air mass, and temperatures continue to drop in general, and rise slightly, especially in February 2024.

Therefore, the humidity will increase relatively during the month and there will be a high chance of light fog forming. Average temperatures will range from 18 to 21 degrees Celsius, with the lowest temperatures between 12 and 16 degrees Celsius.

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Today’s temperatures

UAE citizens look for temperatures before going out, which are as follows:

How is the weather in Dubai now?

The weather in Dubai is cold now with heavy rain and the temperature reaches 21 degrees Celsius due to the weather depressions that occur in February.

Is there cold in Dubai?

Indeed, yes, the cold begins from December until February, and it is expected that March will be at the same time, so the winter will be very cold.

When does it get cold in the Emirates?

It starts in December and the best time to visit is in the winter months when temperatures are clearly moderate.

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