Hisham Helmy Bakr: I thank the Musical Professions Syndicate for communicating with me during my father’s illness

Hisham’s son’s face Musician Helmy Bakr Thanks to the Syndicate of Musical Professions and Artist Captain Mustafa Kamel for communicating with him all the time during his travels.

Hisham Helmy Bakr said, in exclusive statements to “Youm7,” that he had been busy recently due to the illness of his wife, who has cancer, and the illness of his daughter as well.

And receives Hisham Helmy Bakr His father’s condolences today, Sunday, at Al-Hamidiyah Al-Shazliya Mosque in the Mohandiseen area.

The musician’s body will be funeral My dream is virgin Today from Al-Nour Mosque in Abbasiya during afternoon prayer.

Hisham Helmy Bakr
Hisham Helmy Bakr

The great musician passed away My dream is virgin Yesterday evening in one of the hospitals in Sharqia, he is the great musician who presented more than 1,500 works and cooperated with the biggest stars of Egypt and the Arab world. He is the musician who used to call himself the custodian of the song, especially since he chaired the Musicians Syndicate’s listening committees for 40 years, where he used to conduct Tests for applicants for membership in the Musicians Syndicate.

Musician Helmy Bakr had his artistic beginning during his time joining the Egyptian Armed Forces, when he met the singer Warda Al-Jazairia, who was participating in one of the Armed Forces concerts, and that day I heard her. Helmy Bakr Some of his tunes, so she was impressed by his talent and insisted on presenting them to the musician Muhammad Al-Shuja’i, director of the Egyptian Radio at the time, and from here was the beginning of his artistic launch.

During his career, Helmy Bakr performed no less than 1,500 songs. He composed for great Egyptian and Arab singers such as Laila Mourad, Warda Al-Jazairia, Samira Saeed, Najat Al-Saghira, Ali Al-Haggar, Asala, Medhat Saleh, Mohamed Al-Helou, Mohamed Rushdi, Alia Al-Tunisia, and also Aziza Jalal also provided musical compositions for nearly 120 cinematic films and 48 plays, in addition to the operetta The Arab Dream, which brought together many artists in the Arab world and was released in 1998 and embodied the dream of the Arab people in establishing Arab unity.

And it was The great musician Helmy Bakr During the recent period, he was exposed to many crises, which began in January of last year, when he announced that he had suffered a sudden health crisis, as a result of which he entered intensive care, as he was suffering at the time from the problem of water retention in the body, kidney problems, and high sugar levels in the body, in addition to… To heart problems.

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