On the occasion of International Women’s Day: a female creation in revival 14

HaTeh’i 14, the unique craft and creative space in south Tel Aviv, opens its blue doors on the occasion of the Women’s Day 2024 events with the “Female Creation” event. In the program: female artists painting live on walls, the launch of an exciting art installation, a fair of female artists from the south and the north, open studios of the local residents, live music, and lots of inspiration.

The event will take place on Friday, March 8, between 11:00 and 15:00, when at 12:00 and 14:00 there will be a tour of the building to tell about what happens behind the blue doors, how a reality group developed a vibrant community that works and creates in synergy, and why It was decided to preserve this unique space in the future as well.

The event will unveil, among other things, an installation “from writing to revival” by the multidisciplinary artist Daniel Mano-Bella, who was defined as one of the most promising artists in Israel, in collaboration with Dana Lehrer, a bibliotherapy expert who held intuitive writing workshops at the complex for residents of the area. The installation uses the products of the writing workshops, hundreds of black and white and blue paper cut-outs pasted in a sort of orderly chaos on a board. The piece will initially be placed in the revival area 14 and will later be awarded as a tribute to one of the surrounding settlements.

Avital Hefer, Project Manager in the Impact Department of Reality Group: “As a space that provides a platform for art and culture throughout the year, we chose to dedicate March 8 to a special experience of female creation in its various shades. The event will present to the general public the work of the permanent residents of the complex, alongside female artists Guests from the surroundings and the north. The tours will expose visitors to the behind-the-scenes of the creative and craft processes, and to the unique community life in Revival 14. Thanks to the special character created in Revival 14, the Tel Aviv Municipality decided to preserve it as part of an urban renewal plan that the entire area is undergoing, as a creative and craft space that contributes not only to its residents but also for the life of the community and the city as a whole.”

14 Ta’Tayyah Street, Tel Aviv
When: Friday March 8, between 11:00 and 15:00
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