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In the 99th minute of the confrontation between Real Madrid and its host Valencia, English star Jude Bellingham scored a goal for the Royal team, but referee Gil Manzano rejected the goal on the grounds that he blew the final whistle before Diaz played the cross from which the goal came.

The Spanish international referee had given 7 minutes of stoppage time, and in the first minute, Manzano awarded a penalty kick to the “bats” after an obstruction suffered by the latter’s striker, Hugo Duro, before he retracted his decision after returning to the “video referee” technology ( var) which showed no error.

During this incident, approximately 2 minutes and 40 seconds of stoppage time were lost, meaning that the referee had to add it; But he blew the final whistle in the 98th minute and 40 seconds, that is, about less than a minute before the time he was supposed to add.

The replay shows that the referee hesitated for a few seconds before blowing his whistle, and when Billingham scored the goal, he shook his head, confirming that he had blown the final whistle before scoring the goal.

After the final whistle blew for the confrontation, which ended in a 2-2 draw, there was commotion and chaos, and the Merengue coach and players went to object to the referee.

But it seems that the objection of the English international and the goal scorer was exaggerated; Which prompted Manzano to give him a direct red card, meaning that he would miss several matches from the team as he returned from an injury that kept him away from his team for weeks.

Manzano did the same thing in the first half, but with Valencia, when he finished the first half while there was a promising attack by the hosts, and the Valencia players also objected to him.

The arbitration law stipulates that the referee has the right to blow the whistle at the end of the first half or the match when the original and calculated time ends instead of stoppage time.

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