0 for Maccabi Tel Aviv, also for Maccabi Tel Aviv

The 19th round of the youth Premier League kicked off today (Saturday) with some interesting results. Maccabi Tel Aviv and Maccabi Petah Tikva ended in a zero draw against Netanya and Sakhnin respectively, but the Malavas took another step towards the championship when they increased the gap following a loss by Maccabi Haifa. In addition, Hapoel Tel Aviv rose to third place after 1:3 over Ramat Hasharon.

Maccabi Netanya – Maccabi Tel Aviv 0:0

The yellow-blues knew that a victory and a good chance that they would climb a little in the table, but they could not beat the yellow-blacks. The pressure started to be applied when Stoyanov was sent off in the rows of diamonds, but despite this the Tel Avivians were unable to score and ended up with a zero point distribution

The Handshakes (Reuven Schwartz)The Handshakes (Reuven Schwartz)
Fars Agbaria with the ball (Reuven Schwartz)Fars Agbaria with the ball (Reuven Schwartz)
Yoav Fleishman juggles (Reuven Schwartz)Yoav Fleishman juggles (Reuven Schwartz)

69th minute, Maccabi Netanya is down to 10 players: Stoyanov committed a foul on Agam Hanon when it was last, the diamond stopper saw a straight red card and left his team with ten players.

Nikita Stoyanov commits a crime (Reuven Schwartz)Nikita Stoyanov commits a crime (Reuven Schwartz)
Nikita Stoyanov sees a red card (Reuven Schwartz)Nikita Stoyanov sees a red card (Reuven Schwartz)
Benny Feldman guards the ball (Reuven Schwartz)Benny Feldman guards the ball (Reuven Schwartz)

Michael Zandberg, the coach of Maccabi Tel Aviv said after the draw: “It was very difficult to play today, the conditions did not allow it, neither the pitch nor the wind.” I leave the game with mixed feelings: on the one hand, we didn’t concede a third game in a row, which is very important, but on the other hand, we didn’t create enough chances. We faced a very physical team and we are a young team, because two players from 2007 played at the end. There are things to correct both in terms of football and in terms of decision-making.’

On the load this week: “It has a great impact because we have a short roster of injured and suspended players. In the youth group, this burden is a kind of struggle, we see it in the adults as well. The cup game in the middle of the week? I have said several times that the results in the youth department are less important, but more the development of the players. When you reach the quarter-finals, obviously you want to go as far as possible. We have a difficult hurdle, as far as I’m concerned, it’s another fight and a game. The feeling of victory is for the players.’

on the other hand, Dan Roman And Maccabi Netanya interrupted two consecutive losses: “All in all, we are happy that we kept a clean sheet and that was important to us. We are in a time when things come less easily and there are times like that. I still think the quality of our game is good and we still want to raise it and improve it. Today was a first step towards that and I am proud of the players, because even with a numerical disadvantage we continued to play our game and press. They were brave and deserve all the respect.’

Regarding whether he feels missed: “I don’t know how to define it. We hoped it would go our way, it didn’t and sometimes things depend a bit on luck. The state of the pitch? You’ve seen the game, it makes it very difficult to play the game we want. It also affects the technical quality, but it is what it is and some players are going to meet pitches like this in their next move. In football you have to play in changing conditions. Sometimes wind, rain, rain or there is no grass at all. This is the game and you have to always adapt and get the most out of it. My next step is to finish the interview, go and be with the kids. To come to training tomorrow morning and be 100 percent focused on Maccabi Netanya.’

Maccabi Petah Tikva – Bnei Sakhnin 0:0

The leader also wanted a victory, which in her case would have given her another jumpstart on the way to the championship which already looks quite certain, but here too the game ended in a draw and both teams would settle for a point. Sakhnin lost third place to Hapoel Tel Aviv. Petah Tikva nevertheless increased the gap from 2nd place thanks to the loss of Maccabi Haifa on the way to a second championship in its history.

Hapoel Nir Ramat Hasharon – Hapoel Tel Aviv 3:1

The Reds knew that their opponent was in third place against the leader and they did win and saw Sakhnin stumble. Hapoel Tel Aviv rose to third place in the table and even saw Maccabi Haifa lose, so that the gap between them and the Greens in second place is only three points. Michaeli scored first, Fruchtman equalized, but only for two minutes until Aden Ben Simon sealed the result of the game.

Minute 20, a goal! Hapoel Tel Aviv went up to 0:1: A better 20 minutes of the red side translated into a goal, when Guy Michaeli kicked sharply into the net.

52nd minute, a goal! Hapoel Nir Ramat Hasharon equalized 1:1: A great lift found the head of Omer Fruchtman, who hit very powerfully and subdued Benjamin.

54th minute, a goal! Hapoel Tel Aviv went up to 1:2: The fastest response there is. Eden Ben Simon positioned himself well, restored the Reds to the lead and dedicated the goal with a shirt removal.

89th minute, a goal! Hapoel Tel Aviv increased to 1:3: The call sign of the Reds. A wonderful attack reached Uri Agaib in the box, it could have been kicked but Pargan with a width to Sami Adam and number 9 nailed the third.

More results

Hapoel Ra’anana – MS Ashdod 2:0, scorers: Uri Malka (16), Gethon Elia (88).

Hapoel Kfar Saba – Maccabi Haifa 0:1 Scorer: Badir Saber (84).

Hapoel Hadera – Hapoel Haifa 1:3, scored: Raz Schwartz (29), Hamam Ahmed (38), Oral Alkalai (61) and Oren Ben Dor (95).

Hapoel BS – Hapoel Rashal 1:1

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