8 years in indictment.. Mounir Thabet’s most notable milestones with the graft case

Mustafa Bakr

Published on: Monday, March 4, 2024 – 4:03 PM | Last updated: Monday, March 4, 2024 – 4:08 PM

The January 25, 2011 revolution put the late Major General Mounir Thabet, the former president of the Egyptian Olympic Committee, under accusation of illegal gain. His imprisonment lasted only 3 months, then he was released, and his case remained pending until he ended it with reconciliation in 2019.

Major General Mounir Thabet, brother of Suzanne Mubarak, wife of former President Hosni Mubarak, died at dawn yesterday, Sunday, at the age of 88 years.

“Al-Shorouk” reviews the career of Mounir Thabet, with the accusations against him beginning with the revolution of January 25, 2011, which caused his money to be seized until he reconciled by paying an amount of 45 million pounds in 2019.

– Mounir Thabet was arrested in 2012

On November 19, 2012, the security services arrested Mounir Thabet, in his residence in Nozha, Cairo, and took him for investigation, accusing him in several reports of profiteering, making an illicit gain worth 2 billion pounds, wasting 341 million pounds, achieving huge wealth, and exploiting influence as a result of marrying with the former president. The graft device imprisoned him and prevented him from traveling.

– Investigating Mounir Thabet on charges of illegal gain

The Illicit Profit Agency began its investigations with Mounir Thabet, after he was arrested by a decision from the Illicit Profit Authority in connection with cases of wealth inflation and the exploitation of influence to achieve real estate and financial wealth that is not commensurate with his source of income.

The late Mounir Thabet was accused of making illegal gains and was investigated in November 2012. The investigations initiated by the head of the Illegal Gains Agency at the time, Counselor Yehia Galal, included Thabet’s relationship with businessman Hussein Salem and his acquisition of prime lands in Sharm El-Sheikh and then selling them for profit, and his ownership of He took shares in two major real estate investment companies in a way that was disproportionate to his official income.

Investigations indicated that he collected illegal earnings while heading a government air services company affiliated with EgyptAir, where he was imprisoned and the court upheld his detention pending the illegal earnings case.

– Mounir Thabet was released on bail in 2013

The Counseling Chamber of the Cairo Criminal Court released Mounir Thabet on bail on February 25, 2013, while continuing to seize his assets, along with his wife and two sons, after the decision to renew his detention for 45 days, pending investigations into illegal gain, accusing him of inflating his wealth in illegal ways that are not compatible with… His sources of income.

The court rejected the prosecution’s appeal against the decision to release him.

– Benefiting from the law of reconciliation

In November 2016, Mounir Thabet applied for reconciliation on the charge against him, and it took nearly three years for the agency to announce in August 2019 that it had accepted the reconciliation request in exchange for paying 45 million pounds.

Law No. 97 of 2015 was issued amending some provisions of the Illicit Gains Law to allow the accused, their heirs and agents to reconcile during the investigation phase by returning the illegal gains obtained by the accused in any form.

Then, the head of the earning apparatus, Counselor Adel Al-Saeed, announced that he had received dozens of requests from symbols of the Mubarak regime and former statesmen to reconcile and settle their positions.

– Mounir Thabet died at the age of 88

Major General Mounir Thabet died at dawn yesterday, Sunday, at the age of 88.

His son, Khaled Thabet, wrote: “We belong to God and to Him we shall return. My father, Major General Munir Thabet, has passed away to the mercy of God Almighty. Oh God, forgive him, have mercy on him, heal him, pardon him, and make him dwell in Paradise. The funeral prayer will be held after the afternoon prayer in Al-Siddiq Mosque in the Sheraton Residences, and the burial will be in the family cemetery in Heliopolis.” .

Mounir Thabet was a member of the Egyptian shooting national team, and served as president of the Egyptian Olympic Committee from 1990 to 1993, and again from 1996 to 2009, and has been a member of the International Olympic Committee since 1998.

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