A low-priced fruit that grows in Jordan: The effective weapon against constipation works within minutes… and its amazing ability to stabilize blood sugar, lose weight, and combat osteoporosis!

Jordan is considered among the ten largest olive-producing countries in the world. Olive trees occupy 130,000 hectares of the country’s total land. Olive cultivation in Jordan is witnessing great development, with more than 20 million olive trees throughout the Kingdom.

Green olives are one of the most prominent types of fruits that many people prefer, as they are distinguished by their good taste and many benefits. Green olives contain a high percentage of vitamins and nutrients that work to enhance the health of the body and protect it from diseases. It also works to strengthen immunity and resist viruses and infections.

Below we present to you the benefits of eating green olives for a healthy body

Olives contribute to lowering blood sugar levels by increasing insulin sensitivity, which also makes them useful in preventing type 2 diabetes. All of this is also due to olives containing monounsaturated fats and antioxidant compounds.

Olives are rich in many compounds that have an essential role in maintaining bone strength and protecting the individual from osteoporosis. Among these compounds are polyphenols, which can help prevent bone loss by increasing the number of osteoblast cells.

Green olives contain a high percentage of vitamins and nutrients that control blood pressure, maintain heart health, and protect it from clots and atherosclerosis.

A spoonful of olive oil every day helps relieve constipation. When the stool is hard, dry, and does not move easily through the intestines, olive oil may be a safe and healthy way to move the stool again and relieve constipation.

Olive oil helps burn grease and fat accumulated in different areas of the body, including: the abdomen, buttocks, and sides. It plays a major role in reducing a person’s desire or appetite for food, and thus this leads to reducing the amounts of food that a person consumes, and this in turn contributes to gradual weight loss.

Eating green olives strengthens the immune system and prevents viruses and infections, because they contain many vitamins and antibacterial and anti-infective properties.

It is always recommended to eat green olives for their amazing benefits on the health of the digestive system and protecting it from disorders, infections and ulcers.

Green olives contain a high percentage of properties that work to enhance the health of the nervous system, protect it from dementia, Alzheimer’s and the problems it is exposed to, and work to strengthen memory.

It contains a high percentage of antioxidants that maintain the body’s health and protect it from tumors and cancerous diseases.

Olives contain some acids that are important for skin health, protecting it from wrinkles and signs of aging. It also works on the freshness and beauty of the skin.

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