A shocking ranking of Egyptian women… a list of the Arab countries with the highest rates of obesity

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Monday, March 4, 2024

The international journal The Lancet published a lengthy report on World Obesity Day, which includes detailed information based on data for the year 2022.

According to the report, more than one billion children, adolescents and adults suffer from obesity around the world, which means that obesity is the most common form of malnutrition in many countries.

The report contained many surprises regarding the situation in Egypt, as it ranked fifth in the Arab world and 28th in the world in obesity rates, according to the worldpopulationreview website.

The situation appears even worse when reviewing the complete data, as Egyptian women recorded the largest increases in the rate of change in the world at 31.0 percentage points.

Egyptian women ranked ninth globally in obesity rates.

Egyptian men ranked 33rd globally in obesity rates.

Female children in Egypt ranked 15th globally in obesity rates.

Egyptian male children ranked 49th globally in obesity rates.

Ranking of Arab countries in obesity rates:

Kuwait 43.8%

Libya 42.4%

Qatar 41.4%

Bahrain 36.9%

Egypt 35.7%

Iraq 33.5%

Jordan 32.7%

Palestine 31.6%

Oman 30.7%

UAE 27.8%

Ranking of Arab countries in obesity rates for women:

Egypt 58.99%

Qatar 52.46%

Kuwait 49.94%

Iraq 49.50%

Saudi Arabia 48.34%

Libya 47.67%

Palestine 47.24%

Jordan 46.10%

Bahrain 44.32%

Syria 44.70%

Ranking of Arab countries in obesity rates for men:

Qatar 40.79%

Kuwait 38.88%

Saudi Arabia 38.13%

Jordan 34.20%

Iraq 33.35%

Bahrain 32.91%

Egypt 32.48%

Palestine 29.77%

Lebanon 29.53%

UAE 29.20%

Ranking of Arab countries in obesity rates for female children:

Egypt 22.45%

Iraq 21.98%

Bahrain 18.79%

UAE 18.75%

Kuwait 18.73%

Qatar 18.42%

Oman 15.30%

Saudi Arabia 14.74%

Libya 14.54%

Syria 14.46%

Ranking of Arab countries in obesity rates for male children:

Qatar 29.28%

UAE 23.59%

Kuwait 23.37%

Oman 22.16%

Jordan 21.95%

Lebanon 21.63%

Saudi Arabia 21.58%

Bahrain 21.57%

Egypt 17.54%

Syria 17.52%

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