Among them are “Badi” and “Ezzat”… An Egyptian court sentences a number of senior Brotherhood leaders to death.

In September 2021, the court heard the order to refer the defendants in the platform events case, where the Public Prosecution accused the first to the sixth defendants that, during July 2013 in the Nasr City Second Division, they assumed leadership in a group established in contravention of the provisions of the law, the purpose of which was to call for the disruption of the provisions of the constitution and the law, including State institutions and public authorities from carrying out their work and attacking the personal freedom of citizens and the public freedoms and rights guaranteed by the Constitution and the law and harming national unity and social peace, as the first defendant assumed the leadership of the Brotherhood, “the general guide,” and the second to sixth defendants assumed leadership with “members of the group’s guidance office.” The General Shura Council is a group that aims to forcefully change the regime and attack individuals and facilities of the armed forces, the police, and public facilities. Terrorism is one of the means used by this group to achieve its goals.

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