Blackmail, suicide, or murder by poison? Controversy in Egypt after the death of a student from Al-Arish

The Public Prosecution in Egypt re-investigated the death of a student at Al-Arish University, in North Sinai, who died under mysterious circumstances, after accounts said that she was subjected to blackmail with private pictures, while her family’s lawyer said that she was poisoned, and denied the suspicion of suicide.

Some stories spread on social media say that Naira Al-Zoghbi (19 years old) committed suicide to get rid of the blackmail of her colleagues in the university city and college, after they obtained video clips of her in special situations, while others confirmed that she was killed by poison, and that her cat died immediately after it drank from the water. The same cup that belonged to Naira, and the latter is a story passed on by the family lawyer.

The Public Prosecution decidedOn Saturday, the investigation into the death of Naira, known as the Arish student, was re-investigated, after investigations concluded the first time that there was no criminal suspicion behind her death on February 24.

The statement said, “In light of what was circulated in the media and on social networking sites, the Mansoura and Ismailia Courts of Appeal reopened investigations into the incident.”

The prosecution exhumed the body and ordered an autopsy to determine the cause of death, and proceeded to summon everyone connected to the incident or who had information, and to examine the mobile phones of all the accused and empty their contents, as well as to empty the cameras of the university city.

The Ministry of Interior decided to suspend the father of a colleague accused of blackmailing her from work, and his rank is major, to ensure the integrity of the investigation, according to Al-Shorouk newspaper.

Naira arrived at Al-Arish Hospital on February 24 suffering from a severe drop in blood circulation. She entered a coma and then died.

After that, students at the university and social media users launched a campaign under the slogan “The Right of the Arish Student,” revealing that Naira’s death occurred after disagreements between her and one of her colleagues, “as a result of a verbal altercation.”

According to the site Egyptian today Her colleague “surreptitiously filmed her while she was showering to humiliate and bully her as a result of the argument that occurred between them.”

The website quoted the student “Naira’s” friends as saying, “Her colleague sent her many threats, saying that she would expose her by publishing those pictures on social media applications, demanding that she apologize to her. The student relented and apologized in a private group on the college students’ WhatsApp application to end the dispute.” .

Al-Shorouk newspaper reports that a photo was circulated that was surreptitiously taken of the student Naira while she was in the bathroom, and then blackmailed with it by other colleagues at the university, which prompted her to commit suicide.

In a circulated image of a conversation on the WhatsApp application, one of the students posed a poll on the “Al-Dafaa Group,” requesting a vote on whether to release the photo on Saturday or today at 12 o’clock, without specifying the identity of the photo’s owner. One story claims that this conversation was a final reason for increasing pressure on a student. Arish.

One of the accounts claimed that the students accused of blackmailing the student wrote on a WhatsApp group: “The sheikha who used to pray among us in the dormitory and who treated herself as an imam, would you like us to expose her on Saturday or today at 12 o’clock at night?”

On Sunday, Salah Mahmoud Abdel Razek, Naira’s father, said that he had submitted a complaint to the office of the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, asking him to investigate his daughter’s death.

The girl’s mother confirmed in statements For Al-Fajr newspaper “Everyone bears witness to her morals, piety, and faith in her Lord, stressing that this faith is completely incompatible with the idea of ​​suicide.”

The complaint indicates, according to the newspaper, that a colleague of Naira’s university housing called her on the day of the accident, and told her that she was sick and vomiting, and she was transferred to the University Hospital in Al-Arish, around 5:30 p.m., “without anyone providing her with first aid.”

For his part, Mohamed Salama, Naira’s family lawyer, said: Statements for the “Last Word” program With the journalist, Lamis Al-Hadidi, the victim, a few hours before her death, was talking to her father on the phone, and he transferred a sum of money to her.

The lawyer denied the hypothesis of blackmailing her colleague due to the poor financial standard of the victim and her family.

According to the lawyer, the victim felt severe stomach cramps while breaking her fast, and she told her mother about it on the phone. She also went to the university city supervisor to complain, but the supervisor was late in acting, until she called the university city president and he in turn called the dean, and they were all late in transporting the student to the hospital.

The lawyer added that when Naira’s father went to the hospital, he found his daughter connected to an oxygen machine and tubes in her mouth after attempts to save her took many hours, but to no avail.

The lawyer stated that “the victim died of poisoning,” basing his belief on “the death of a cat after eating it from the same server (food plate) from which the victim was eating,” saying: “I confirm that Naira died of poisoning because shortly after that the food server disappeared, and the In some place, and a cat reached it, ate from it, and died, this is evidence that poison was put into the food or drink.”

Salama said that the initial death report indicated a “severe case of poison,” continuing: “The poison was put in breakfast food. Suicide is unlikely. The girl was a believer and was fasting and praying, and she was trying to distance one of her colleagues from the mistake she was doing with her colleague (dating her colleague).” .

It has been published Cairo 24 website A copy of a document that he said was a medical report confirming her admission to the hospital in a state of “severe fatigue as a result of ingesting a toxic substance.” She arrived “suffering from a disturbance in the level of consciousness and a sharp drop in blood circulation, and her pulse was weak as a result of her ingestion of an unknown toxic substance.” She was presented with “First aid was given to her, but she died.”

The student’s cousin denied to the website that Naira’s death was due to her ingestion of a toxic substance, and said that she “died of an unknown toxic substance.”

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