Find out the price of filling a gas cylinder in Saudi Arabia in Ramadan 2024, the complete truth

A gas cylinder represents a vital component in every home in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as it is used daily to meet cooking and heating needs. As global oil prices fluctuate, interest is growing about how these changes affect local gas cylinder prices.

It is known that the Saudi Ministry of Energy recently announced increases in oil prices, which in turn led to a rise in gas cylinder prices to reach 19.85 Saudi riyals, after adding the added value. It is worth noting that this price does not include transportation costs from distribution stations to points of sale, which puts the consumer facing the new reality of the cost of gas.

Moreover, GASCO, the leader in this field in Saudi Arabia, confirmed that it updates gas prices periodically according to changes in the price of crude oil. While there are some rumors about significant price increases, the company categorically clarified that the going price for filling the cylinder did not reach 50 riyals as some claimed.

It should be noted that GAZCO has denied all allegations about unjustified increases in the prices of gas cylinders, stressing that the recently announced increase, which amounted to 85 riyals per new cylinder, comes within the framework of adapting to international oil prices, and that there is no intention to raise prices to the numbers that were announced. Trading it incorrectly.

Gas cylinder price updates in Saudi Arabia

In light of the ongoing economic changes, gas cylinders are among the indispensable necessities in every home in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. But, do you know how much it costs to refill a gas cylinder recently? Let us review together the latest prices and information announced by Saudi Gasco to provide you with a clear picture.

Gas cylinder prices have always been the focus of citizens’ attention, especially with recent announcements from GASCO and the Saudi Ministry of Energy. Recent increases in oil prices have already affected the cost of gas cylinders, bringing the price to SAR 19.85, after adding value added. This price does not include the drum transportation fee, which means the final cost may be slightly higher for the consumer.

With many rumors circulating about prices, it is important to emphasize that GASCO has clarified that the price of filling a tube has not been raised to 50 riyals as was rumored. In fact, the company announced a price change starting from June 11, 2023, but with completely different numbers than what was reported.

Recent details indicate that gas cylinder prices now range between 150 riyals for a tube without a regulator and up to 400 riyals for a new tube in some locations. These prices reflect the variances between the regular, full tube and those that come with a regulator. However, consumers should pay attention to constant updates and official information from GASCO to avoid falling into the rumor trap.

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