Israeli Channel 14: Resignation of senior officials in the Army Information Unit News


Israeli Channel 14 revealed that a large number of officials in the department of Israeli army spokesman Daniel Hagari announced their resignations, despite the continuation of the war in Gaza stripincluding the second man in the department and other officers.

Among the most prominent retirees – according to the channel – is the second-in-command in the department and the Israeli army’s spokesman for foreign and international media, Richard Hackett. Three female officials also submitted their resignations, claiming that operational and personal matters are not going well, and because of their lack of advancement in the career ladder.

According to the channel, the relations of army spokesman Hagari with a number of former army chiefs of staff, who are affiliated with certain political parties, raise many questions and a state of turmoil within the department.

The channel confirmed that the number of people who retired during the ongoing war on the Gaza Strip is abnormal.

In recent months, Israeli reports have reported deep disagreements between the political level (government) in Israel and the Israeli army, due to the government’s management of the war and its post-war plan in the Gaza Strip.

The Israeli war on Gaza resulted October 7 The past revealed tens of thousands of victims, most of them children and women, according to Palestinian and UN data, which necessitated the appearance of Israel, for the first time since 1948, before the International Court of Justice, on charges of committing genocide crimes.

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