Ministry of Transport: A bridge over the Toshka spillway facilitates the movement of agricultural development

published Ministry of Transportation A video of the bridge over the Toshka spillway, which is one of the development hubs that Egypt has witnessed. It is 450 meters long, with 3 traffic lanes in each direction, at a cost of 240 million pounds, in order to facilitate agricultural development in the Toshka area.

The roads and bridges sector in Egypt witnessed huge development works, carried out by the General Authority for Roads and Bridges of the Egyptian Ministry of Transport, which contributed to the renewal and development of the road network, which had a clear impact on the environment, as the creation of new roads led to reducing congestion and thus reducing car exhaust emissions. In addition to reducing fuel consumption, providing service to citizens, solving traffic congestion problems, and shortening distance, time, and effort.

(13) axis (Talkha – Banha – Al-Khatahtba – Long Live Egypt – “Rod Al-Farag Axis” – Helwan – Bani Mazar – Tama – Girga – Adly Mansour – Samalut – Qus – Kalabsha – Dayrut) were implemented at a cost of 14 billion pounds, while work is progressing on Implementation of (14) axis (Draw – alternative to the Aswan reservoir – Al-Fashn – Abu Tig – Tala / Tannoub – North Luxor – Shubrakhit – Samannoud – Manfalut – Dishna – Dar Al-Salam – Maragha – Abu Ghaleb – Al-Qata) at a cost of 20 billion pounds.

(900) bridges and tunnels were also implemented, the most important of which are (Dekernes Bridge – Sandoub Bridge – 5 bridges on the Banha / Mansoura road, “Esnet – Kafr Shukr – Bishla – Tanmal – Tankers” – the Directorate’s Bridge at the top of the railway tracks in Beni Suef – “Qalama” bridges. – Al-Shamout – Toukh Tanbsha “on the Alexandria Agricultural Road – a bridge at the intersection of the Western Upper Egypt Desert Road with the Fayoum Road – 26 bridges in the East Cairo area – 8 bridges on the Al-Fariq Al-Assar axis – 14 bridges on the Mahmoudiyah axis – a bridge at the intersection of the sea arm connection with the road Coastal International (km 21).

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