Olympiakos wanted, but I wanted Maccabi

After the double in the cup in five minutes, plus a goal and an assist last night (Saturday) against Maccabi Petah Tikva, Eran Zehavi Probably feeling relieved. The captain of Maccabi Tel Aviv will come to the game against Olympiakos this Thursday in a completely different mood than he was a few weeks ago and as he said himself in the interview he gave, there was a stressful period that now seems to be left behind.

The meeting against the Greek team will also be interesting and spicy from the striker’s side, when he will meet the team that was very close to signing him in two different situations, before he returned to Maccabi Tel Aviv. “It is true that Olympiakos wanted me, but I wanted to play for Maccabi Tel Aviv,” he A number.

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You have to say something about anyone who tries to talk about the supposedly bad relationship between you and the coach.
“These are things I have no control over. Everything I do is looked for and looked at, if I put my hand over my mouth then they say I said something against the coach. By the way, I put my hand over my mouth after every game because I don’t want them to see what I say, even after The 0:4 against Maccabi Pet. I put my hand over my mouth and it doesn’t seem to me that anyone will write now that I said something or that they will say that Eran said something about the coach who took him out in the 70th minute, they won’t say that, because all things pass and it didn’t grab many headlines and we won then Everything goes easily and fun. But I’m not complaining, that’s the job of the media and I’m busy with my work.”

Dor Peretz celebrates with Eran Zahavi (Radad Jabara)Dor Peretz celebrates with Eran Zahavi (Radad Jabara)

But until Robbie Keen, no coach sat Eran Zahavi on the bench, and because Robbie did it, so it’s as if they say Eran is not ready to sit on the bench, and Eran doesn’t know what it’s like to sit on the bench and Eran is angry.
“First of all, why weren’t there coaches who sat me on the bench? I haven’t sat out for two months in a row. I sat here a game and there a game and came in, it’s part of the game, part of the team and it’s part of his job to make decisions as a coach. I won’t say I was happy about it, but Let’s talk a lot, my communication with him is very good, he put me in the room and told me that this is how it will be, I respected that, I went in, I did the best I could and that’s all. , in coordination and everything was fine.”

Look, it’s the second year since you came back, do you feel that this season they’re looking for your crisis, maybe settle an account with you about things that have nothing to do with football at all?
“If you’re asking that, then you’ve probably noticed such and such things, so I don’t know what to tell you about it. At the end of the day, if they look at the numbers, I have 28 goals and 8 assists this season, so what can I tell you? I don’t know. I accept everything and concentrate on my work.”

Are you waiting for the team?
“Always. I’ll tell you this, I’m at a stage in my career where I’m looking at the next game and trying to enjoy it as much as possible. It’s clear to me that I’m waiting for the team and it’s a task I’d really like to complete, but first we have Olympiakos on Thursday.”

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