The Future Quartet is awaiting Hossam Hassan’s first list after his brilliance in the Confederation

A quartet awaits Modern FutureMohamed Rabiaa, Ghanem Mohamed, Ahmed Atef, and Mahmoud Abdel Rahim Gensh, the first list of Hossam Hassan, the coach of the Egyptian national team, which is preparing to participate in the friendly UAE tournament during the month of March, after their brilliance with Modern Future in the African Confederation Cup.

Modern Future qualified for the quarter-finals of the Confederation Cup after beating Al-Hilal of Libya in the sixth and final round 5-0. Modern Future settled in second place in its group with 11 points, behind Algeria’s USM Al-Asimah, which has the lead with 13 points.

For his part, Haitham Orabi, Executive Director of the Modern Future Club, confirmed that Modern Future played an outstanding match against Al Hilal of Libya and deserved to qualify, and the qualification bonus was multiplied by 4 after the outstanding performance..

Haitham Orabi said, in an intervention with the journalist Ibrahim Fayek on the “Thala’s Audience” program broadcast on On Time Sports 2: “Tamer Mostafa assumed responsibility for training Modern Future at a difficult time, and Future began to reap the fruits of good performance starting with the match with Al-Hilal of Libya.”“.

The Executive Director of the Modern Future Club added, “The qualification bonus was multiplied by 4 after the distinguished performance against Al Hilal of Libya, and our next competitor is between Zamalek, Dreams FC and Nahdet Berkane. The three clubs are very big and we are not afraid of any team because we are a big team.”“.

Haitham Orabi continued: “I only asked Amer Hussein to postpone the Smouha match due to the arduous travel journey from South Africa to Egypt, because we are also playing in the name of Egypt, but the request was rejected.”“.

Regarding the negotiations between Zamalek and Ahmed Atef, he said: “There is no talk of the departure of any Modern Future player at the present time due to the focus on the Confederation.”

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