The Official Gazette publishes the government’s decision regarding the minimum wages for state workers

Written by Hind Mukhtar

Monday, March 4, 2024 03:50 PM

The Official Gazette published the decision of the Council of Ministers to approve a draft decision amending some provisions of Prime Minister’s Resolution No. 1627 of 2019 to determine the minimum wages for employees and workers of state agencies and public economic bodies.

The draft resolution stipulates that, as of March 1, 2024, the values ​​of the minimum total wage stipulated in the text of Article 1 of Prime Minister’s Resolution No. 1627 of 2019, which has been subject to many amendments, the most recent of which was Resolution No. 4220 of 2023, will be amended so that the limit is not less than The minimum wages for employees and employees of state agencies and public service and economic bodies is 12 thousand pounds/month for the excellent grade, 10 thousand pounds/month for the high grade, 9 thousand pounds/month for the general manager grade, 7,500 pounds/month for the first grade, and 7 thousand pounds. /monthly for the second class, 6,750 pounds/month for the third class, 6,500 pounds/month for the fourth class, 6,250 pounds/month for the fifth class, and 6,000 pounds/month for the sixth class.

The draft decision also stipulates that, as of the first of next March, the employee/worker is entitled to a supplementary incentive that represents the difference between the total wage and the previously stipulated minimum, after taking into account a number of points stipulated in the draft decision.

Approving the minimum wage aims to ensure that the general level of wages is not less than a certain limit that is appropriate to guarantee the wage targets for those who are addressed by its provisions, which are coupled with the general level of prices and purchasing powers of the monetary system, in a way that guarantees a decent life, equal opportunities, fair distribution of development returns, and reducing disparities between incomes.

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