The Public Prosecution orders the imprisonment of the accused in the death of a student at Al-Arish University

Written by Ibrahim Qasim – Omnia Al-Muji

Sunday, March 3, 2024 10:55 PM

I completed Public Prosecution Investigations into the death of the student enrolled in the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at Al-Arish University revealed from the investigations, which included questioning witnesses to the incident and investigations by the security authorities, that the deceased was subjected to psychological pressure resulting from one of her colleagues (the first accused) threatening to publish correspondence that she surreptitiously transferred from the deceased’s phone to her phone and sent to her colleague ( The second accused) who, in turn, posted on the WhatsApp group that includes all students from the university’s batch that one of the students (without mentioning her specifically) had correspondence and pictures of her own, threatening to publish them at a time chosen by the students on the “group,” and this was accompanied by his request to her. An apology for the offense she committed against the first accused.

The Public Prosecution charged the two defendants with threatening in writing to disclose matters related to private life accompanied by a request (a felony) and assaulting the sanctity of the victim’s private life (a misdemeanor), and ordered them to be held in pretrial detention pending investigations and to seize their and the victim’s cell phones in order to complete the procedures related to them.

The Public Prosecution’s investigation team in Al-Arish followed the expected itinerary of the deceased once she left the university city campus until they reached a store selling agricultural pesticides, the owner of which admitted to members of the prosecution and investigations that the victim had come in a taxi to request to buy grains and after he informed her that they were not available. She left and the Public Prosecution verified the veracity of that story by watching the recordings of the store’s surveillance cameras – and through those recordings, it was also able to determine the number of the taxi in which the deceased was traveling.

When her driver was questioned during the investigations, he admitted that he accompanied the deceased, who told him that she was a student at the College of Veterinary Medicine and that she wanted to buy grains because she needed those grains for academic purposes. He added that he accompanied her to another shop, which turned out to be closed, but they met with its owner, who informed them of the presence of the aforementioned grains in his private residence. So they went there with him, and upon summoning the latter, he admitted to the investigations that he had sold three grains of grain to the deceased for the amount of fifty-five pounds. The investigations were being completed and the forensic authority’s report was urgently received to determine the specific cause of death.

The Public Prosecution notes that the sanctity of private life is protected in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution and the law, and that it will firmly address any incidents that include a violation of this right. It will also address the phenomenon of publishing and circulating on social media sites news that might stir up public opinion, spread strife, and spread lies without pausing and verifying the information before. Publishing, in order to preserve the values ​​and cohesion of society in the face of any alien behaviors that work to dismantle it and distance it from its original principles.

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