Anas Bukhash: I dreamed of becoming a professional…but I discovered that football does not make a living

Muhammad Shaaban

Published on: Tuesday, March 5, 2024 – 7:07 AM | Last updated: Tuesday, March 5, 2024 – 7:07 AM

Emirati journalist Anas Bukhash spoke about his exposure to more than one injury during his football career, most notably the cruciate ligament injury, pointing out that it is difficult for the player to return 100% after that, especially in terms of feeling afraid of playing and repeating the injury again.

He confirmed during an interview with the program “Her Excellency” with artist and media personality Esaad Younis, broadcast on the “DMC” screen on Monday evening, that the injuries did not prevent him from continuing to play football, saying that he made the decision to end his professional career when he reached the stage An age where he no longer sees a future in the game

He pointed out that he dreamed of playing professionally in football, expressing at the same time his feeling of satisfaction with his career, as he played at a “good” level in the United States during his university studies. He also played with the state team and was a striker before moving to play in the Emirates. ‎

He added that football was not a source of livelihood for him, so he decided to leave the game and open his own projects in the field of football, saying: “I retired from football after I reached a stage of life in which I discovered that football; Life will not eat me up and there is no future, so I left.” ‏

Regarding his family life, he talked about the qualities that he loves most about his mother, saying that she does not judge people easily, adding that she does not face any difficulty in developing herself during any age, and does not refuse to change her ideas.

He explained that his mother is still changing her mind even at her current age, which he sees as a positive and beautiful thing, stressing that a person’s openness to new points of view is necessary, because he may realize that his point of view was wrong one day.

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