Anas Bukhash reveals the reasons for his investment in a “barbershop” project: It includes all nationalities

a statement Journalist Anas BukhashOn how to organize his time in light of his preoccupation with many works, he stressed by saying: “Time is the most precious currency… We divide the time and give each person his due… and I try to reconcile things.”

Regarding the reasons for his stopping playing football, Bukhash added during an interview with: Artist Isaad Younis In “Her Excellency”, on the channel dmcHe stopped playing football as a result of injuries, indicating that he graduated from the College of Engineering and worked as a mechanical engineer, commenting by saying: “I am a curious person and a mechanical engineer by study… and I do not like to limit myself to a specific area.”

Regarding his experience in opening a “barbershop” project, he said Bukhash: “We live in societies that limit jobs to engineers or lawyers, and I love football, entrepreneurship, barbershops, and cafes. I love the rules most, and everyone can break the rules. I always cut my hair with a Japanese woman who took the style and created a section for girls and men that includes a work team of all nationalities.

Bukhash continued: “I know how to manage any project, and I have managed 6 projects… and there are certain values ​​that, if applied in any project, will succeed.” Regarding the philosophy of failure and dealing with it, he said: The word failure has different meanings, and any person who does not surrender, I do not call him a failure. I failed many times, I don’t know how many times… adding: “I have thick skin and I am not affected.”

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