Anas Bukhash reveals the secret of his media success and the reason for the mystery of his personality

Mohammed Shaban

Published on: Tuesday, March 5, 2024 – 2:54 AM | Last updated: Tuesday, March 5, 2024 – 2:59 AM

Emirati journalist Anas Bukhash explained why the public describes his personality as mysterious, stressing that he does not see himself as mysterious, but the public is accustomed to knowing everything about the lives of celebrities through social media platforms.

During an interview with the “Her Excellency” program with artist and media personality Esaad Younis, which was broadcast on the “DMC” screen on Monday evening, he attributed this to not appearing extensively on social media and his tendency to maintain his privacy and the details of his personal life. ‏

He added that he prefers to focus on the content of his television program by asking questions and extracting new information from the guest rather than talking a lot, explaining that these qualities may make him appear mysterious in the eyes of some.

Bukhash pointed out that some people call him “Batman” without knowing the real reasons, but on a personal level he loves this character, and this may be due to their similarity in some characteristics, such as preferring night over day.

He revealed the secret of his media success, saying that the most important quality a journalist must have is “listening intently” and not just hearing, especially since every person in the world wants to talk and talk when he feels comfortable.

He explained that the guest feels comfortable when he finds someone listening to him and interested in his words and pushing him to speak with confidence and openness, pointing out that some people may hesitate to speak when they feel that they will face judgment from others, while human compassion encourages them to express and speak freely.

He stressed that positive energy plays an important role in the success of any media personality, explaining that his energy and relaxed personality make the guest feel at ease and at ease in the conversation.

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