Barak Itzhaki: “Point reductions must stop and I am still”

Beyond the 1:0 loss last night (Monday) to Hapoel Be’er Sheva, Beitar Jerusalem dealt with the reduction of the point at the hands of the association’s court. This is the fifth point that falls to Beitar this season after 4 points were deducted due to the events of the cup final last year.

Barak Itzhaki, The coach of the team commented in a content that reflects the club’s position: “This punishment is not realistic. Teams fight on the field. It must stop and I am still. The announcement on the day of a game about dropping a point, when the players enter the meeting? Something that cannot happen. We want decisions on the field, What is happening is not suitable for the football we want in Israel.” The entire team seems to be from the timing of the announcement, a few hours before the game.

The players resented this, and the team will of course protest. Betar is waiting to see how Maccabi Tel Aviv and its appeal will be accepted at the court, but the problem is deeper. Without the cooperation of all the authorities it will not work, and the groups will continue to absorb and suffer.

Let’s move on to football. “We lack a push up front,” said the club after the loss to Bash. “The pressure worked great. We have reached several situations, in theory it is beautiful. It is encouraging. We have to get on with it. If we know how to leverage, the points will also come.” Inside the club, Almog Cohen and Barak Itzhaki were complimented and their immediate impact. In a short time, the team looks better, more pressing, more tactical and more aware of what it wants from itself. Dor Micha, Uri Dehan and Plaman Glavov who had a good game and the goalkeeper Miguel Silva received compliments.

Now face forward to Maccabi Tel Aviv. The team expects the support of the crowd, hoping that it will fill Teddy against the yellows, and push the players to reach the goal. Fred Friday is expected to start against Robbie Keane’s men.

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