Benny Gantz challenges Netanyahu and arrives at the White House to discuss the war on Gaza

Written by Abdel Wahab El Gendy

Monday, March 4, 2024 08:22 PM

receipt Benny Gantz The Minister in the Israeli War Council went to the White House in Washington, DC, without prior approval from Netanyahu or coordination with him after an American request.

Gantz will meet with the US Vice President, the National Security Advisor, and legislators from the Democratic and Republican parties to discuss the course of the war on the Gaza Strip and the rest of the fronts, in light of American dissatisfaction with Netanyahu’s context behind the hard-line ministers Ben Gvir and Modric..

Upon his arrival at the White House, Gantz said in response to reporters: “We will speak frankly with the American side about the war on the Gaza Strip.”

In turn, the Israeli Broadcasting Corporation said on Sunday that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had instructed the Israeli embassy in Washington not to deal with the expected visit today of War Council member Benny Gantz, head of the State Camp party..

Netanyahu justified his position because Gantz did not obtain his permission to travel to Washington and meet with American officials.

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