“Neither Ronaldo nor anyone else.” Al-Nasr causes harsh Emirati ridicule of the Saudi League

It seems that Al-Nasr’s loss to Al-Ain in the first leg of the AFC Champions League quarter-finals yesterday, Monday, will not pass without any consequences for the Saudi Roshan League, which Saudi officials are seeking to develop and advance and make it one of the best leagues in the world.

Al-Nasr lost by a single goal in the Emirates and will face Al-Ain in the return match at its first home stadium, Park in Riyadh, next Monday. A win by two goals is enough to ensure its qualification for the semi-finals.

Ali Al-Hajri, Director of the Media Department of the UAE League, took advantage of Al-Nasr’s fall to mock the Saudi League and the star Cristiano Ronaldo, as he indicated through his official account on the X platform that the UAE League is superior to its Saudi counterpart in quality and competitiveness.

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When he wrote “Our league is technically and competitively better than the Saudi League, and you don’t have to speak, nor does Ronaldo or anyone else. The field is always the deciding factor every time. Congratulations to Asian leader Al-Aynaoui on his expected victory“.

Hadith Al-Hajri He aroused the ire of the Saudi tweeters, who responded well to him and reminded him of Al Ain’s 3-0 loss to Al Hilal, and they stressed that the result of one match never expresses the strength of the two tournaments.

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