Shehbaz Sharif takes oath as Prime Minister of Pakistan | News

led Shahbaz Sharif He was sworn in – today, Monday – to officially become Prime Minister Pakistan For the second time, about 4 weeks after the national elections, which were accompanied by doubts about their integrity, and led to a delay in forming a coalition government.

Sharif, 72 years old, assumed the position in the swearing-in ceremony at the presidential headquarters in the capital IslamabadAfter he received the votes of 201 MPs, compared to 92 votes for Omar Ayub Khan, who is supported by the former Prime Minister. Omran Khan.

The February 8 elections witnessed the cessation of Internet services via mobile phones, arrests, and the outbreak of violence during preparation for them, which led to an unusual delay in announcing the results.

The delay in announcing the results sparked accusations by Khan’s supporters of vote rigging.

It is noteworthy that the candidates supported by Khan obtained the largest number of seats, but the Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz Sharif’s wing and the Pakistan People’s Party – agreed to form a coalition government.

And he drives Nawaz SharifHe served as prime minister three times and is the older brother of Shahbaz Sharif. Pakistan Muslim League Party – Nawaz Sharif’s wing, but he refrained from assuming the position of Prime Minister.

Thus, Shahbaz Sharif returns to the position he held until August last year, when Parliament was dissolved in preparation for the elections.

Sharif’s upcoming announcement about the formation of the government will be closely followed by economists, investors, and foreign capital owners, especially the important finance portfolio.

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