Stabbing attack in Samaria: an Israeli youth was seriously injured near Yitzhar, the terrorist was neutralized

An Israeli youth was seriously injured in his upper body in a stabbing attack that happened today (Tuesday) near Yitzhar in Samaria. Great forces are in the arena. The terrorist, a 16-year-old Palestinian from the village of Orif in the Nablus region, was killed.

The scene of the attack at Yitzhar Junction, Photo: TPS

The terrorist reached the intersection and approached an Israeli who was standing there and stabbed him in the upper body. The terrorist was eliminated by fighters of the Kafir Brigade who were in the vicinity. The Israeli was evacuated to Linson Hospital in a mild-moderate condition, where his condition deteriorated. Following the attack, there is an organization by settlers to come down to demonstrate at the intersection.

The attack at the Yitzhar junction: one person slightly injured, a terrorist neutralized, Photography: None

An IDF spokesperson said: “Following the initial report, a terrorist carried out a stabbing attack at the Great Yitzhar intersection in the Shomron Division. The IDF forces operating at the scene killed the terrorist. The fighters are continuing to search the area.”

The terrorist who was killed in Itzhar, Photography: None
The scene of the attack at Yitzhar Junction, Photo: TPS

The head of the Samaria Council, Yossi Dagan, in response to the stabbing of the soldier at the Great Yitzhar Junction: “There was a miracle here, but we don’t rely on the miracle, unfortunately the statements of government officials and senior security officials who are pushing for relief ahead of Ramadan, for the release of administrative detainees, that is, criminal terrorists who want to murder Jews, for the removal of security barriers , and the reduction of offensive activity in the run-up to Ramadan, only give support to terrorism. What almost completely stopped the terrorism in Yosh from October 7th was the IDF’s determined offensive activity in the nests of terrorism, and those who did not understand this on October 7th put the State of Israel at risk. This attack has ended Miraculously, it could have ended differently.”

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