“The club was ruined.” Mortada Mansour’s first appearance against Zamalek (video)

10:53 p.m

Tuesday 05 March 2024

Social media pioneers on Facebook circulated a video of Mortada Mansour, former president of Zamalek Club, in front of the club’s headquarters in Mit Oqba for the first time since his departure.

Mortada Mansour left the Zamalek club last year after a decision to dismiss him by the administrative authority, due to his implementation of a one-month imprisonment sentence, in the case of insulting Mahmoud Al-Khatib, president of the Al-Ahly club.

In the video, Mortada Mansour appeared angry in front of some of the people present, saying: “The club was ruined.”

It is worth noting that the entire Mortada Mansour Council resigned immediately after his dismissal, and new elections were held during October of last year, and Hussein Labib was chosen as club president by the members of the General Assembly, with his entire list.

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