Video – Dalia Mostafa announces that she has diabetes.. This is what she looked like?!

Actress Dalia Mostafa revealed the reason that prompted her to announce that she had diabetes, which forced her to install a sensor on her hand.

Dalia posted on her Instagram account a video clip in which she looked very energetic and enthusiastic and appeared as herself without makeup. She was wearing elegant casual clothes and talked about the photo she posted with her sister a while ago, which sparked controversy among her fans after she appeared with a strange device attached to her hand.

Dalia said: “I was uploading a picture of me and my sister, and I was wearing this device, a sugar “sensor,” because there were people who did not understand exactly what device this was. After I uploaded the picture, I was taking a normal picture. Many mothers sent me messages and people organized exhibitions and events. They encouraged me very much and were very happy that I was wearing it and not covered, and the mothers told me, “Thank you, I looked normal with this look and this device made our children confident that they could wear it and not be covered at all.”

Regarding the reason for announcing that she had diabetes, Dalia Mostafa said: “We may not have this awareness that there is no need for bullying if there is bullying. I see that children or even women who remain exposed will wear this device if they are wearing half sleeves. By the way, it makes no difference, it does not matter what my opinion is.” I am very comfortable with this device. Before that, it was difficult for my diabetes to reach 8, and diabetics would understand what this means. This is not a nice thing. I used to hate the shakshaka, something that bothered me, and I used to leave it like that, and there were complications that were not nice.”

She added: “Suddenly, I went to a great doctor who told me about a device, and I told him that I heard that it came out a few years ago, but not in Egypt. He told me, ‘No, it exists,’ and in fact, I installed it. It is more than a huge device that measures sugar like a graph. When it is high, I take insulin, and when it is low, I take it with my hand.” Attention: I am not making an advertisement, and by the way, I do not know what brand this device is. I am telling you, and I encourage any woman, male or female, who has diabetes, not to worry about anyone. Everyone is busy with their own affairs, so do not think about anything, and only think about yourself, and may God heal us all.”

It is noteworthy that Dalia Mostafa’s latest artistic work was her participation in the series “A Legitimate Relationship,” which was shown last Ramadan, alongside the artists: Yasser Galal, Mai Omar, Murad Makram, Basant Shawqi, and Afaf Mustafa…, and it was written by Samah Al-Hariri and directed by Khaled Marai.

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