After announcing the date of the draw… the position of the Egyptian teams in the Champions League and the Confederation

The Confederation of African Football (CAF) announced the holding of the draw for the 8th round of the two championships CAF Champions League and Confederation Cup, At 2 pm next Tuesday, March 12, in Cairo.

Three Egyptian clubs succeeded in qualifying for the quarter-finals of the African Championships, as Al-Ahly succeeded in reaching the quarter-finals, topping its group in the African Champions League, while Zamalek and Modern Future reached the quarter-finals of the Confederation, while Pyramids left the Champions League.

Al-Ahly team finished the group stage of the African Champions League at the top of Group Four with 12 points, after defeating Young Africans with a clean goal in the sixth and final round of the group stage of the African Champions League.

Al-Ahly will be a candidate to face one of the clubs that finished runner-up in the other three groups: Congolese Mazembe, runner-up in Group One, Simba of Tanzania, runner-up in Group Two, and Esperance of Tunisia, runner-up in Group Three.

While the Zamalek club team succeeded in qualifying for the quarter-finals of the African Confederation Cup, after topping the second group, after canceling its match with the Guinean club, who failed to be in Cairo to face the final round of the group stage.

Zamalek club won 13 points from 5 matches, during which it achieved 4 victories and a draw, and is awaiting the position of the African Union regarding the match between Sowar El Guinea, which tends to be counted in favor of Zamalek, reaching 16 points.

A possible Egyptian confrontation between Zamalek and Future

Zamalek’s qualification as the leader of Group Two gives it the opportunity to face one of the rising clubs in second place, namely: Modern Future, runner-up in Group One, Rivers United of Nigeria, runner-up in Group Three – Financial Stadium, runner-up in Group Four.

Future faces one of the clubs leading the groups, namely Zamalek, the leader of Group Two, Dreams FC, leader of Group Three, and Nahdet Berkane, leader of Group Four.

Pyramids bid farewell to the competition from the group stage

While the Pyramids team exited the African Champions League in its first participation in the group stage, after occupying fourth and last place with 5 points from one win, a draw and 3 defeats.

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