Beit Al-Rifai series, Episode 7.. Safaa Al-Toukhi convinces Amir Karara not to surrender himself

The events of the seventh episode of House of Al-Rifai series For the star Amir KararaSamia (Mirna Jamil) calls Yassin’s (Amir Karara’s) mother, Laila (Safaa Al-Toukhi), and informs her of Yassin’s intention to turn himself in to the police. Laila decides to go and meet Yassin, and as soon as she gets out of the house, she takes a taxi, and at the same time, two people from Farouk’s side move behind her to monitor her.

On her way, Laila feels that she is being watched and tries to evade the two people who are watching her. She enters a building on her way and exits through the back door and is able to escape from her observers. At the same time, Yassin meets his ex-wife Hind (Enas Kamel) to see his daughter, Habiba. Laila arrives at Yassin’s place and convinces him not to surrender. Himself because he had no fault and she is certain that he was not killed and is looking for a way to reach the real killer and prove his innocence.

Mohamed Lotfy appears in the events of the movie as the teacher Saeed, who came out of prison and wants to marry Samia Halwat. As soon as he leaves, he goes to Samia’s house and asks about her. He asks for her again, but Samia enters with Yassin Alaim.

The seventh episode of House of Al-Rifai seriesYassin escapes from his new family home despite the objection of his brother Yahya (Tamer Nabil), and at the same time the police arrive at the house, and the officer reveals that he came not for Yassin (Amir Karara), but to arrest Yahya after new evidence emerged in the case of facilitating his brother’s escape. Yassin, and the officer reveals that the transport vehicle that hit the deportation vehicle and Yassin escaped from is in the name of the Al-Rifai family, and therefore there is an arrest warrant for Yahya and the prosecution detains him for 15 days pending investigation.

The Beit Al-Rifai series is shown as part of the Ramadan 2024 series on ON channel at 9 pm and replays at 1.30 am and 9.45 am. It is shown on ON Drama channel at 12 midnight and replays at 6 am and 4.30 pm, in addition to showing the work on the watch it platform at 7 pm. .

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