DPA: The head of a European civilian mission leaves Niger after a dispute that lasted weeks

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Published on: Monday, March 18, 2024 – 2:23 PM | Last updated: Monday, March 18, 2024 – 2:23 PM

The German News Agency (dpa) learned that after weeks of bickering over the termination of the work of the European Union civilian capacity-building mission in Niger, the head of the mission, Katja Dominik, was able to leave Niger, located in West Africa.

Dominique, who is from Germany, and the head of mission operations, Mads Baer, ​​who is from Denmark, arrived in Brussels yesterday, Sunday, after it initially became unclear when they would be able to leave Niger, amid indications from some diplomats that they might be prevented from leaving.

Last Friday, a European Union spokeswoman denied reports that the authorities had issued an official travel ban on Domenech and Bayer, but noted “the current delicate situation on the ground.”

The EU Civilian Capacity Building Mission in Niger had 120 staff in the country to support security forces in the fight against drugs, weapons and human trafficking.

But following the coup in July last year, the interim military government decided to end cooperation with former partners and canceled the work of the EU mission that it had begun 11 years ago.

Elements of the civilian EU Mission for Capacity Building in Niger were initially scheduled to leave the country by May, but the mission was forced to accelerate the withdrawal after a dispute with the junta in February over an EU Mission arms transfer, which Nigerien authorities say was improper. Authorized.

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