Haqq Arab series, Episode 7.. Al-Awadi catches Donia Al-Masry hiding with Walid Fawaz

The events of the seventh episode of Haqq Arab series By the star Ahmed Al-Awadi, where Samiha “Donia Al-Masry” ran away from her father Abd Rabbo “Riyad Al-Khouly” after he decided to marry her to her cousin, and she went to her lover Rabah “Walid Fawaz”, and when Abd Rabbo found out he went crazy and Arab “Ahmed Al-Awadi” entrusted him with the task of finding his daughter. .

On the other hand, Angham “Caroline Azmy” traced her sister Samiha’s line and learned that the last calls were from Rabah. So, in the morning of “Wafa Amer,” she went to Arab and told him and asked him to go get her. Indeed, Arab went to Rabah’s house and found Samiha with him, so how will Rabah’s reaction be like this? It will become clear during the eighth episode.

The events of the sixth episode of Haqq Arab series Rabah “Walid Fawaz” asked “Mohamed Ahmed Maher” to work for him as a legal advisor, but he refused because of the enmity between him and his brother Arab “Ahmed Al-Awadi.” When he went home, Arab had a big quarrel with him because he had stolen money from his mother’s treasury and asked him to To return it immediately, and here he decided to agree to work for Rabah and take from him the money that Arabs demanded from him, and he actually did that and did not return home. Arabs had tried to contact him many times to tell him that he had forgiven him and did not want the money, but when he returned, Ali left him. Money and talk to him in a bad way.

Haqq Arab series Starring Ahmed Al-Awadi, Dina Fouad, Riyad Al-Khouly, Wafa Amer, Walid Fawaz, Donia Al-Masry, Caroline Azmy, Ahmed Siam, Salwa Othman, Wafa Makki, Ahmed Abdullah Mahmoud, Mido Maher, the child Munther Mahran, written by Mahmoud Hamdan, directed by Ismail Farouk, and produced by the company Synergy.

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