“He was found near the mosque.” The accused was arrested for killing his friend after Tarawih prayers in Sharqiya

11:41 p.m

Monday, March 18, 2024

Al-Sharqiya – Islam Abdel Khaleq:

The security services in the Al-Sharqiya Security Directorate arrested a driver. Against the backdrop of his accusation of killing his friend with a penetrating stab wound to her in the chest after Tarawih prayers next to a mosque within the Zagazig police station in Sharkia Governorate.

The beginning was when the security services in the Sharqia Security Directorate received a notification stating that a signal had been received from Zagazig University Hospital about the arrival of a dead body called “Ahmed MA,” a driver and resident of the Hiya Police Station.

Initial investigations revealed that the victim was killed as a result of a penetrating stab wound, in the vicinity of one of the mosques in the Kafr Muhammad Hussein area during Tarawih prayers, while the body was transferred to the hospital’s mortuary and kept at the disposal of the Public Prosecution, which decided to assign a forensic doctor to perform an autopsy and a statement. The cause of death and how it occurred, and I requested a detective investigation.

Investigations by the police revealed that the victim’s friend, 30 years old, was behind the incident, a driver. It turned out that he killed the victim as a result of disagreements between them, while the accused and the murder weapon were seized, and upon presentation to the Public Prosecution, it decided to detain him pending investigation.

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