“In-laws fell into each other.” What happened in the killing of the crepe shop owner in Fayoum?

11:08 p.m

Monday, March 18, 2024

Fayoum – Hussein Fathy:

Hazem Jeira, First Deputy Prosecutor of the Fayoum Department, decided to detain “H.T.S.,” 35 years old, and resident of Fayoum, for 4 days pending investigations, accusing him of killing his cousin’s husband’s brother due to lineage disputes.

The vicinity of Central Street in Fayoum city witnessed a quarrel between some young men who were related by lineage, during which the owner of a crepe shop was killed after being stabbed in the chest with a knife.

Major General Tharwat El Mahlawy, Assistant Minister of the Interior and Director of Fayoum Security, received notification from Brigadier General Hassan Abu Aqrab, Superintendent of the Fayoum “Second” Department, of the killing of “A.A” – 28 years old – owner of a crepe shop.

A research team was formed, led by Major Hisham Hassan, head of investigations at the Fayoum “Second” Department, and Captains Omar Bahgat and Ahmed Mohamed Murad, assistants to the department’s investigations, participated in it, under the supervision of Major General Hossam Anwar, Director of the Criminal Investigation Department. A dispute broke out between the defendant, Hamada T. Sh., 35 years old, who is 35 years old. The cousin of Ahmed’s wife, Adham, the victim’s brother, assaulted her by beating her more than once, and when the woman’s relatives went to admonish the husband at his workplace on Central Street in Fayoum City, a quarrel broke out between them and then developed into an exchange of beatings, during which the accused took advantage of the state of chaos that the commercial area had witnessed, and attacked A knife from among the folds of his clothes, and he stabbed the victim several times in the chest area, as a result of which he fell drowned in his own blood. The owner of the crepe shop was transferred to Fayoum Hospital, where he died moments after entering the reception department, and others sustained minor injuries.

The accused was arrested and referred to the Bandar Al-Fayoum Prosecution Office, which represented how he committed the incident early on Monday morning, amid tight security guarding, where it issued its advanced decision.

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